Pregnancy Weeks 26-29

We’re officially in the home stretch until we meet our baby boy!

How far along:
29 weeks (this was written a couple weeks ago, I’m currently 32 weeks!)


Size of Baby:
Butternut Squash (15 inches). Some days I look at my bump and am like “how is there a 15 inch baby in here?!” and other days I feel like there’s two kids in there, haha. I’m such a volume eater (lots of veggies), so I can definitely tell a difference in the size of the bump in the morning vs after a full day of meals when my stomach is jammed up closer to my chest.

Also, as I was writing this post I realized the time on the screenshot from my pregnancy app above — some nights that pregnancy insomnia strikes hard!




I can definitely tell that he is getting stronger / bigger because his little karate moves can be seen from the outside! This is so funny to watch and definitely makes it feel more “real.” I’m also feeling more of his whole body move vs just an arm or a leg now that he’s starting to run out of room in his little swimming pool.

This has been a little botchy due to my allergic reaction — I’m up every two hours itching like crazy. I feel like if it weren’t for this, I think I’d be sleeping okay! I’m SO tired by the time I go to bed, so I generally fall asleep fairly quickly.


Just the usual! I’ve had some swelling in my legs so I’ve been wearing compression socks, which are about as sexy as they sound. However, my doctor wrote a prescription for medical-grade ones and the lady at the medical supply store helped me order some that look more like black tights vs granny socks. I just wear them under my jeans and no one is the wiser! I skipped out on wearing them for two weeks when my rash was really bad and definitely realized how much the socks were helping — I’m back to wearing them now and have noticed a significant decrease in the amount of swelling in my calves.


Other than that, no new symptoms! I feel like I’ve been hungrier than usual but have fallen into a rut where nothing sounds good except fruit, cereal, and peanut butter. I’m trying to push through and eat other things but man, a bowl of Captain Crunch sure hits the spot! ;)


Bump / Body:

Bump is bigger and is receiving more attention from those around me and random strangers. The whole “comments from strangers” still weirds me out a bit, but oh well! I also had my gestational diabetes test and failed the first one! I had to do the intensive 3.5 hour test and passed that one with flying colors so they said the first one must have been a fluke! SWEET RELIEF. Apparently failing the test has more to do with the hormone balance with your placenta vs your overall health / diet.

Maternity Clothes: 

Haven’t purchased anything new except this jacket because my North Face was getting too challenging to zip! I’ve never had a full-length jacket before and I’m loving the extra coverage on my windy walks into work!



As mentioned above, fruit (specifically oranges), cereal, and peanut butter. I’ve also been eating a lot of yogurt lately — not sure if this is a craving or if I’m just getting lazy with making meals and have resorted to yogurt + berries + almonds or granola. I was on a cooking kick for the past few months but lately I’m just too tired to stand in the kitchen and make complicated meals, ha ha.


Still on my prenatal, folic acid, prenatal fish oil, and vitamin D. I’ll continue on these after baby as wel!


Just walking a couple miles each day for now! Haven’t been running due to it being winter outside but that will change once our new treadmill arrives!

Missing Most:

Someone had a huge box of kombucha in their cart at Costco the other day and that sounded really good to me. I’ve been making blended protein shakes for Andy lately and I’m craving one so badly! I know that some say you can drink kombucha and protein shakes while pregnant, but my doctor recommending skipping the shakes since there hasn’t been a ton of research on protein powders while pregnant.



Ha! Literally hardly any progress here other than putting his new dresser in there. We’re hoping to paint his dresser this weekend — still hunting for a recliner and a few other things. We have had SO much going on this fall so I feel like we just haven’t devoted time to this project.

Favorite Products:

Hand sanitizer all day, every day since sickness seems to be spreading like crazy at work and all around us. Andy was sick all last week and I’m still surprised I never caught it!


Favorite Moments:

Feeling him move more (this is definitely what I will miss most about pregnancy) and just seeing how he always responds to outside noises. He will move when I or Andy talk to him, when we play music, or if he gets startled (he doesn’t seem to like the hair dryer or when I use the ice dispenser on the front of the fridge).

We also had two showers last month — I’m 28 weeks in the photo above!


It’s also been fun to stroll through the baby departments of stores whenever we’re out shopping — it still just seems so surreal that we will have a baby in our house in less than two months!

Can't Wait For:

Kissing his little face! I had a dream the other night that he came early and when he was born, he popped out in little printed pajamas, haha! I also can’t wait to see who he looks like and what color eyes he will end up having since mine are blue and Andy’s are brown. My guess is that he will have a lot of hair since Andy and I both have tons!