Pregnancy Weeks 34 - 37

This is my second to last pregnancy update! The next one will cover weeks 38 up until when he is born which is hopefully very soon!

How far along: 
37 weeks! (This was pre-written, I’m currently 38 weeks!)

Size of Baby: 

A stalk of Swiss chard! (19 inches)

Boy! I had another ultrasound at 36 weeks and this was confirmed again ;) The more I think about welcoming a little boy into our family, the more excited that I am. It’s going to be such a fun experience to be a boy mom and everything that comes with it!


Ever since I’ve been going to the chiro, this little baby has been moving like crazy! I can also tell that he is gaining weight because if I lean forward, it literally feels like there’s a weight in the bottom of my abdomen, if that makes sense. Like...when I walk around, it feels heavy in the front which is so weird! He kicks and moves his arms a ton and whenever I touch whichever limb is moving, he touches back — it’s so cute to experience!

I’ve fallen into a horrible bout of insomnia. I typically fall asleep really quickly because I’m so exhausted from the day, but wake up starving around 2am, eat a bowl of cereal, then am awake until 4 or 5am. Naps are happening almost daily because of this botchy sleep schedule. I’ve heard this is pretty common towards the end of pregnancy as your body starts to adjust to your baby’s feeding schedule. He’s also super active around 3am so that makes sense!


I’ve reached the point (starting at 36 weeks) where I’ve gotten really uncomfortable. My lower back aches, I’m exhausted, sitting for long periods of time isn’t fun, and I’m super hungry all the time. It’s all worth it though because we are so close to meeting our little guy!


Bump / Body:

I can definitely tell that I’m carrying him lower than before because the top of my abdomen isn’t as round as it was before. I was also looking back at some photos around the start of my third trimester where I felt like the bump felt SO huge — it’s quite comical now since he is so much bigger these days.

Maternity Clothes: 

These are starting to get uncomfortable mainly due to my swollen legs. I usually just wear shorts around the house and then have like two pairs of pants that kind of work for when I need to go out. I’m really looking forward to wearing real clothes again!



Cereal, citrus (grapefruits and oranges), peanut butter, and smoothies
. Andy picked up a bag of grapefruit from Costco the other week and I swear it was the best thing ever — I ate three of them in one day!


Still on my prenatal, folic acid, prenatal fish oil, and vitamin D. I’ve also added in this magnesium supplement to help with calf cramping and a probiotic that my aunt recommended to me a few years ago when I had C. Dif because we are not taking any chances of getting that again! ;)


I am still running and walking at 9 months pregnant! I’m proud of myself for keeping up with this because it doesn’t sound enticing most of the time but I feel so much better afterwards.

Missing Most:

Feeling like myself, ha ha. It is so hard for me to slow down so this last month or so has honestly been a good reminder of how important it is to let go and not feel like you have to do EVERYTHING.


We made so much progress this month! Everything except hanging his bookshelves is pretty much done! 

Favorite Products:

That pregnancy pillow is saving my life right now — it is literally like sleeping on a cloud.


Favorite Moments:
Checking my pregnancy app each week — the countdown to his due date is officially less than two weeks now!


Can't Wait For:

Finally having him home with us! I’m also super excited to see who he looks like — Andy, me, or a mix of both of us. I’ve been working on packing our hospital bag so that we are ready to go at a moment’s notice but it’s kind of like packing for an early morning flight — you can’t really pack the items that you still need to use to get ready!

Any guesses on what we will name him?
When do you think he will be born?