"Keep Me Entertained" Survey

Today I’m linking up with this fun little survey from The Blended Blog!

Book(s) You’ve Read Multiple Times:
This one is the first one that comes to mind — I typically read it each January.

Favorite Book / Author of All Time:
I don’t think I could pick just one — some of my favorites include Shari LaPena and Mary Higgins Clark though!

Favorite TV Show to Binge:
Downton Abbey was a recent favorite!

Favorite New-Ish TV Show:
I’m really enjoying The Resident, which my sister recommended to me last year!

Favorite Movie of All Time:
Hands down, this one wins every time.

Movie You’re Looking Forward to Watching:
My sister and I are talking about renting this one in the near future! We watched this one last week and it was super odd at first, then there were some twists that kept us entertained. It was definitely one that had potential but I wouldn’t say I recommend it.

First Concert You Attended:
Hmm…I think it was Sonshine Festival (weekend of concerts featuring Christian artists) when I was in 6th grade! Fun fact, I really don’t enjoy going to concerts however, seeing Trans-Siberian Orchestra in concert was definitely an exception. I’d much rather go see a play or something of the sort.

Favorite Music Artist / Band:
Red, Demon Hunter, PVRIS, and SafetySuit. I also still really love Alanis Morissette and Avril Lavigne. :)

How Do You Listen?
We have a family subscription to Apple Music and we love it! It makes it so easy to create custom playlists, share music recommendations with friends, and listen offline!

Pick a few of the questions above and answer below in the comments if you’d like!