A Sweet 16 & a Flower Show

Whew! This past week has been SO jam-packed! I think we literally had something going on every single night last week. My calendar for this week is pretty open in the evenings, so I'm looking forward to getting back to the gym after not going very often last week.

On Saturday, we lounged around most of the day -- Andy did a few projects and I whipped through my latest library book, which I ended up reading in just one day! 


Later that afternoon, I headed over to Andrea's so that I could ride with them to my cousin's sweet 16 party! They recently purchased a fancy massage chair, so I was all over that! 


I can't believe Karlie is already 16 -- I remember when she was just a little baby! After the party, we headed over to our grandpa's house to visit for a bit before heading home.

That evening, Andy and I watched a movie together before calling it a night. I recently realized that the author of my current Bible study book stars in this movie, so I wanted to rewatch it! It's a little cheesy, but the overall message is really good.


The following day, I worked for a bit to get ahead on a design project that is due at work this week and then headed out to the arboretum. I walked the three mile drive route while listening to an episode of Casefile before meeting up with my aunt.


I had recently seen an advertisement for a flower show at the arboretum and knew that my aunt would enjoy it, so we made plans to attend together! 


The flowers were so bright and beautiful while the scent of the made me SO excited for spring -- hopefully just one more month to go! 


Turns out, there was also a little art fair going on as well -- it was fun to browse around and check out the different booths! 


Afterwards, I swung by Target on the way home so that I could grab a few groceries for the week (Andy did our Costco haul earlier that day). I keep getting burnt out on my lunches so I switched things up and purchased ingredients to make veggie sandwiches (cheese, avocado, honey mustard, lettuce, peppers, pickles, cucumbers, tomatoes, etc.) this week! As far as bread goes, we typically rotate between this and this (both are from Costco). Hopefully that gets me out of my current lunch rut!

Ever been to an arboretum?
Whose birthday party did you last attend?