February Books

Despite it being a crazy-busy month last month, I read a ton of books! You may check out my past book reviews by clicking here.

Staying Stylish // Candace Cameron Bure
You guys know that I LOVE CCB and this book was definitely a favorite. I love her style, outlook on life, and approach to living a healthy life. Would highly recommend this book if you're a fan of her or just looking for a good book on a simple, classic style.


Bread and Wine // Shauna Niequist
This book is definitely the BEST one I've read in awhile. Reading this book in just an afternoon made me even more excited about purchasing our first home -- it talks about the importance of community and eating together. Love, love love!

For the Love // Jen Hatmaker
I love Jen's sense of humor and this easy read did not disappoint! She has such a knack for writing in an entertaining yet applicable way -- I love how this book approached the topic of grace in our lives.

Of Mess and Moxie // Jen Hatmaker
Another winner by Jen Hatmaker! I read this book on a Saturday morning and found myself chuckling out loud on more than one occasion. 

I'm Not Crazy, I'm Just Not You // Roger R. Pearman and Sarah C. Albritton
This book was an overview of the Myers Briggs personality assessments and while I was super excited to read it, I felt like there wasn't much that was new information to me. 

28-Day Health Eating and Lifestyle Guide // Kayla Itsines
I scooped this one up because I used to do Kayla's crazy workout regimes a few years ago and really like her approach to nutrition. I wanted to get some new recipe ideas, so this book was definitely worth browsing through.


The Road Back to You // Ian Morgan Cron and Suzanne Stabile
This was SUCH a good book. I recently took the Enneagram assesment and I'm an 8w7 (Challenger + Enthusiast). This book really opened my eyes to my strengths and weaknesses as an 8w7 and I'm thinking it might be one I'd like to add to my bookshelf in the near future just to have on hand for easy reference.

What book are you currently reading? 
How often do you visit the library?