Spring Things

This weather that we've been having has been SO refreshing and it's been so encouraging to see flowers starting to bloom!


I've been taking advantage of this new spring season by going for walks during my lunch break -- feels so good to get some fresh air!


It's been so fun to pull out my spring and summer wardrobe after having it in the very back of my closet for the past who knows how many months! I own so many of these sidewalk skirts in different colors -- they're so great for warmer months and still work in cooler months when paired with tights! 

Screen Shot 2018-05-08 at 5.27.39 PM.png

Speaking of spring clothes, my friend Gina recommended these pants to me and I am obsessed! So comfy for weekending but also cute enough for work! I also ordered these joggers and am excited to put together a few outfits using them as the base. 


Lately, things have been so busy at work! I'm just wrapping up a collection for one of our main clients and am so excited about how it's turning out!


Last Friday, we decided to take advantage of the gorgeous evening and go for a walk before heading to dinner.


We went to our favorite taco place and started off with the chips and dips app. This little trio is probably one of my favorite parts of dining here -- everything is so fresh and delicious! 


I ordered the veggie tacos for my entree -- definitely a favorite!


The next day, I met up with my sister to hit Target before going for a walk at the Arboretum! We split up and I took Becca in my cart while she took Chloe -- it was fun to have a little helper as I picked up a few groceries. 


After my time with the girls, Andy and I made our weekly Costco run. I'm definitely a seasonal eater and now that it's warmer out, I'm craving fresh smoothies! I picked up this huge bag of organic strawberries to make strawberry banana smoothies each morning before work.

I think that brings us up to speed since last week! 

Favorite smoothie ingredients?
Any spring / summer clothing staples you'd recommend?