Pregnancy Weeks 14-17 + Gender Reveal

We found out a few weeks ago that our little baby is a BOY! We are so excited for this little guy to join our family in just a few months!


I come from a long line of girls -- I have one sister, two girl cousins, and two nieces and there hasn't been a boy on my side of our (immediate) family since my uncle was born 50 years ago. I've been so used to buying girly things for my nieces and cousins, so it's been so fun to switch things up and be shopping for boy things this time around!

After weeks of playing around with three or so different first / middle name combinations, we've recently decided on his name and will share it once he is born.

Today's recap covers weeks 14-17; I have one more recap post (weeks 18-21) scheduled for next week and then we will be all caught up! In case you missed it, my recap of my first trimester is here!


How far along:
17 weeks! (This post was pre-written back in July, I'll be 23 weeks tomorrow!)

Size of Baby:

I'm leaning more towards a girl but because of that, I have a hunch that it will be a boy! 

Nothing yet, but so excited for it! 

I've had some trouble sleeping mainly due to not being able to get comfortable. I also just started a new job, so getting into a new routine has had me really fatigued. I've also been waking up in the night really hungry, so that has been interruptive to my sleep as well -- I started eating a bigger snack before bed and that seems to help me sleep through the night. Also getting up to use the bathroom so many times per night -- being so thirsty doesn't help with this at all, haha! 


Nausea still pops up every now and again -- weeks 16 and 17 were worse than weeks 14-15 for some reason. I've also been experiencing excessive thirst (our new fridge has one of those water / ice dispensers on the front and that has been glorious these past couple of weeks!). Not a lot of foods sound good, but I a lot of my aversions have died down a bit -- it's been nice to be able to eat eggs and veggies again! 

There's been a lot of round ligament pain these last couple weeks and I think some of those pains might be paired with the fact that I was doing too much before / during / after our move and not making time for rest. My feet also ache if I stand for too long and I've had some calf cramping -- I'm hoping to order some rugs for our kitchen and bathrooms to help with this! Luckily, long soaks in our tub have helped with the foot pain.

I also experienced a really scary low blood sugar incident at work the other day -- I was talking to someone and all of the sudden got really nauseous, dizzy, and had a horrible headache. I excused myself to go to the bathroom to take a breather and as soon as I stood up, my vision started going black and I could see stars in my peripheral vision -- I honestly felt like I was going to faint as I was walking to the restroom. I drank a ton of water and then felt really weak and tired. I ended up calling the nurse line who said it sounded like really low blood sugar (I was hypoglycemic before pregnancy and it seems have have gotten worse since becoming pregnant). I followed up with a phone call to my OB and she said to take it easy the rest of the day, drink lots of water, and eat lots of snacks. 

Bump / Body:
There's not much there yet, and if there is, it's mostly food-related because my stomach is still flat in the mornings. I'm up 5 pounds from my pre-pregnancy weight and still feeling good! 

Maternity Clothes: 
just bought my first pairs of maternity pants so that I'd have something to wear to my new job. Something that I was surprised to find out is that shopping for maternity clothes when you're a petite / little person is rather challenging. After visiting a couple of stores, I ended up buying a pair of designer maternity jeans because they look / feel just like regular jeans minus the waistband and come in my normal size while the majority of the other brands I looked at didn’t.

I've also realized that I don't love the style of most maternity tops, so for now I've been sporting some tops that I purchased from Old Navy in my pre-pregnancy size since that brand tends to run bigger. I might place an order for a few items from GapMaternity later tonight -- probably just a few long-sleeved tops and some running leggings for these cooler days ahead. 


Orange juice is still my number one craving -- I don't really have any other cravings though! 

I'd say I'm 100% back to my normal diet, so that feels really good to be eating lots of fresh fruits, veggies, and proteins. Pregnancy is the reason why I've gone back to eating chicken / turkey / fish -- some days it's a struggle since I don't love meat, but it has more to do with texture than aversions or anything! 

The thought of eating string cheese is still off the table, otherwise everything is pretty much a fair game!

Still on my prenatal, folic acid, prenatal fish oil, and vitamin D. 

I've been back to the gym for strength training and going for lots of walks and I feel SO much more like myself because of this! 

Missing Most: 
Not having to worry about what I'm eating -- pregnancy has sparked some weird OCD tendencies surrounding food safety / germs and some days it drives me crazy! I talked to my doctor about this and was assured that it's a normal part of pregnancy that affects some new moms.

We have a little Mamaroo swing in the nursery, along with a bookshelf, but that's about it for now! We'll start to furnish it early this fall!  


Favorite Products:
I’m really enjoying the Ovia Pregnancy app — it’s so fun to see the developments that Little Pang is making each week!

Favorite Moments:
Moving into our new house -- I love walking by the nursery on my way downstairs in the morning knowing that there will be a little baby in there soon! 

Can't Wait For:
Finding out if our baby is a little boy or girl! 

Other things of note:
I thought transitioning to sleeping on my side would be a lot more difficult than it has been -- I'm normally a stomach sleeper but the side sleeping has been going really well.

Also, I'm happy to find that I've been enjoying being pregnant literally a million times more than I thought I would. I always thought I'd be one of those people that hates it, but it's been such an exciting journey and special time -- aches / pains and all! :)

Favorite product for babies?
If you are / have been pregnant -- how was your 2nd trimester?