On The Go Weekend

Whew! This past weekend was a busy one and I felt like I was on the go for three days straight. I'm really looking forward to some down time later this evening! 


The weekend started out with another trip to the eye doctor -- this time it was at a new clinic because I'm trying to get some relief for my dry eyes. 


Later on, I met up with my bestie for an early birthday celebration -- her birthday is next week, but with how crazy the rest of the month is going to be for both of us, we decided to celebrate a little early! We went to The Cheesecake Factory and while I originally planned to get dessert, I ended up ordering a salad at the last minute because it sounded so good! It was so fun to catch up with her while we ate and later walked around the mall for a bit.

The next morning, I headed over to my sister's house to spend some time with them. They were out in the garden when I arrived so we hung out in the backyard for a bit before heading inside for the morning. My sister has a big vegetable garden and it's always so fun to see all the fruits of their labor! 


Inside, we did a little craft and baked some cookies with my mom -- I hadn't had peanut butter blossom cookies in so long and they hit the spot! Also, having toddlers help open Hershey Kisses without eating any is next to impossible -- the little one ate at least three when we weren't looking.

My mom and I headed out shortly before the girls had to go down for a nap and I had my mom follow me to our new house since it's just up the street from Andrea's house. I'm getting SO excited to move -- we are less than two weeks away from moving day! 

Later that afternoon, I went to a much-needed hair appointment and it felt so good to get my hair back to its usual bob! Afterwards, I went for a long walk on a local trail while listening to the latest episode of Casefile.


On Sunday morning we had a showing at our rental house so Andy hit the gym while I headed to Starbucks to cash in my rewards drink and read for a bit. I just started reading this book but I haven't gotten very far yet! Next, I ran a couple of errands before meeting Andy at Costco for our weekly grocery haul. 


I hit the gym later that afternoon and had such a good workout -- shoulders are always my favorite muscles to train, so that paired with a good playlist really made my day.

We've got another busy week on the books and I'm going to be dog sitting for my sister next weekend, which means this past weekend was the last full weekend we'll spend in the rental house! 

What do you like to order from Starbucks / coffee shops?
Favorite type of workouts?