Life Lately Vol. 3

Whew! I still feel like we haven't slowed down for awhile because not only did we move, but I also started a new job three days after we got keys to our new house! I definitely miss my friends at my old job (our creative team was seriously the best!), but am so excited for this new opportunity! More to come!

Speaking of my old job, the fall collection for Caribou Coffee (one of my main clients) recently launched -- I plan to purchase these so I can get better photos than what is on the website, but I designed / illustrated this mug, this tumbler, and these mugs! 


I can't remember if I already mentioned this already or not, but I purchased shoes similar to these slip-ons a few weeks ago and literally wear them every other day -- they're my favorite color and I love the style! They're super comfy, too! I linked to a similar style because mine are actually the kids version of them since I'm forever on team little foot. They come in a variety of colors and are currently on sale so check them out! Also, if you haven't tried AG Jeans yet, you are missing out -- I scooped up a new pair (similar) for fall and this brand is always a favorite! 

It tends to be a pattern for me with having a move coexisting with another major life event. In the past, I've moved the same weekend that I've ran a half marathon, moved right before getting married, and a few years ago, I moved the day before starting a new job. Luckily, this time around I was able to push my start date out a few days so I could unpack, get groceries, etc. before starting a new routine!


I swear, once August hits (okay, let's be honest -- it's more like after the 4th of July), I am SO ready for all things fall. I have friends that want summer forever, but I'm all about those crisp mornings, vibrant-colored trees, delicious soups, and pumpkin spice everything right about now. I did make some pumpkin bread a few weeks ago, but other than that, I'm trying to make myself hold off on most of the fall festivities until the temps cool down. 


I've been on a cooking kick ever since we moved in and it makes me feel so good to be back in the kitchen! The kitchen in our last place was really lacking -- the appliances didn't work well and there was zero counter space. This new environment has been so inspiring for me to get back into whipping together new things, which is something I am so passionate about! 


We hosted our first "dinner" in our new house last weekend when my bestie came over for a girls' night! Dinner is in quotes because we still need to find a dining room table, so things were pretty casual, but that's usually how we roll anyway! I put together a little spread of snacks and threw together a Thai chopped salad to enjoy while we caught up on life. Nights like these are always my favorite! 

What's your go-to menu when you host guests? I love putting together appetizer spreads! 
Ever moved alongside another big life event?