Friday No. 31

Happy Weekend! We’ve got a busy one on the books this weekend but I’m looking forward to spending time with family, getting a few things done, and relaxing!

  1. Fletcher started his first ECFE class and enjoyed it so much! He already has two little friends in his class (age 6 mo and 7 mo) and I was excited to hit it off with the babies’ moms. They had playtime, storytime, music, and an art project, and it was really fun for Fletcher to participate in all of the activities. Afterwards, we checked out a huge stack of books from the library — we have been reading so many each day and have come across some really cute ones. I plan to write a post about some of our favorites!

    Speaking of the other moms in the class, something that has really been on my heart the last year has been community. I’ve felt like this is an area in my life that has been lacking and I realized just the other night how a few intentional practices have really helped cultivate community in my life. I started a monthly supper club, am attending MOPs for the second year, joined a new bi-weekly Bible study (we are doing this study and I’m so excited for it!), have a girls’ night with my neighbor friends on the calendar, and have met new friends through Fletcher’s ECFE class!

  2. I’m not sure if it’s the shift in seasons or what, but I have been on such a popcorn kick lately. We’ve switched back to the classic stovetop version and it’s definitely a favorite of ours. We just add a dollop of coconut oil to our large stock pot, add a scoop of popcorn kernels, and then put a glass lid on top. We shake it a few times as the kernels pop and then it’s good to go! We always top ours with melted butter and pink Himalayan salt!

  3. I read something earlier this summer about the importance of keeping promises to yourself and realized that this is what helps me to stick to my routines, goals, and plans. I was reminded of it the other night when I was super tired and all I wanted to do was make a snack and finish a show but instead I changed into my workout clothes and did my strength training workout for the day. I’m also planning to write a fitness update next month and tie it into how having a baby plays a role in this.

  4. My favorite fall shows have returned this week and I’m so excited to get back into the storylines! Speaking of which, I just remembered that I need to get caught up on New Amsterdam before I can continue that one — this might be my treadmill show for the next couple of evenings!

  5. I recently came across this album by Caleb + Kelsey and I’m obsessed with it — actually, I really love ALL of their songs! So worth checking out!

I’m meeting up with my bestie to see Downton Abbey this weekend and I am SO excited — I’ve been looking forward to this day for months! We also have Fletcher’s 9 month well-child visit (2 weeks early) this weekend since his pediatrician is heading out on maternity leave in just a couple of weeks! We are going to miss her so much but look forward to getting to know my sister’s kids’ pediatrician while our usual one is at home snuggling her sweet little baby!

What are you up to this weekend?
Popcorn, yay or nay?