Amazon Lately Vol. 2

It’s been a couple of months since I did an Amazon haul so I wanted to share what we’ve ordered throughout the summer!


We were originally using this crib sheet on Fletcher’s crib mattress, but recently switched to this organic, more breathable one from Burt’s Bees.

We also purchased this stroller fan to help keep Fletcher cool during our walks in the summer — as a bonus, we realized it helps keep the bugs away if we walk later in the evening, too. The best part is that it is rechargeable so you don’t have to mess with always having batteries on hand.


I’ve been enjoying this greens powder in my daily shakes! I eat a ton of fruits and vegetables but this is an easy way to sneak in a lot of extra vitamins!

Speaking of shakes, I also love adding this organic cacao powder to mine — it’s a great way to get some extra nutrition, fiber, and flavor in your drink.


Since committing to swapping out a lot of our household items for non-toxic versions, I started thinking about all of the areas where we could make a swap. I ditched our baking sheets and ordered these rust proof stainless steel ones. I’m looking forward to using these for all of our baking and cooking needs. All of our other bakeware is glass, so this was the only swap that we needed to make. We ditched our Teflon (nonstick) pans and griddles a long time ago!

I’ve been making our own cleaners to use in our bathrooms and the kitchen so I ordered these glass spray bottles to store them in. I’ll do a whole post about homemade cleaning supplies early this fall — it is so easy and it makes me feel so much better know that we aren’t spritzing chemicals into the air and then breathing them.

In addition to making our own cleaners, I’ve also been making our own soaps. This sounds so Little House on the Prairie-ish, but you guys, this couldn’t be easier. I’ll do a whole post about it in September. I purchased these glass soap dispensers along with these BPA-free plastic ones.

Doing a ton of laundry comes with having a baby — we used to use Oxiclean stain spray but I wanted to switch to something more natural since it’s being sprayed directly onto his clothing. I came across this stain removing spray and have been so pleased with the results — it even got a coffee stain out of my favorite white jeans!

We had a bad case of efflorescence on the brick of our house due to watering our plants and this random product helped remove the stains! It killed our grass in the process, but it is growing back quickly, ha ha.

Do utilize Amazon Prime for a lot of your purchases?
What’s something you’d ordered lately?

Amazon Lately Vol. 1

We’ve had an Amazon Prime membership for a few years now and while I thought it was great before having a baby, I love it even more now that I’m a parent. First of all, I feel like there were so many things we needed the first few weeks after Fletcher joined our family and it was so convenient to pop it into my cart and receive it less than 48 hours later.

I’ve seen a few friends write blog posts covering their recent purchases and always enjoy finding new items that I didn’t even know I needed. feel like we usually go in spurts with ordering things so I thought I’d share what we’ve been ordering recently!

For Fletcher:

Some of the items that we’ve recently ordered for Fletcher include this awesome chair — our chiropractor mentioned that the Bumbo seat isn’t great for a baby’s hips, so we ordered this soft seat that allows him to still move his hips and legs while sitting up.

Fletcher LOVED his sleep sack that he got from the hospital as a parting gift but he has recently outgrown it and it’s fleece so it’s a little too warm for summer. We ordered this new one for him to wear this summer / fall.

We love these glass bottles for him as well — you can also purchase sippy top lids for them once your baby is in their toddler years.

For Me:

I recently ordered this new phone case because I accidentally dropped my iPhone in a public toilet and felt like I needed a new case after that. I tossed my iPhone in a bag of rice for 24 hours and it’s good as new — it was also kind of nice having an unexpected break from being tied to my phone, too!

Fletcher’s pediatrician has me on a high dose of Vitamin D so that it gets transferred to him, so I’ve been taking one of these each evening.

Andy ordered this pitcher for me as part of my Mother’s Day gift. I received a professional-grade blender while working at Life Time, but the threads on the bottom of the pitcher wore out so I was in need of a new one. This blender makes whipping up my shakes each morning so much quicker! I used to use a Ninja single-serve blender but felt like it always took forever and made a mess since it would overflow. I’d end up making my shake in three parts — blending the liquids, then adding the banana and blending, and finally adding ice cubes and blending once more. It was such a hassle while trying to get out the door in the morning.

I’ve also ordered what feels like a million breastfeeding products including this new pump after my Medela one kicked the can, a bunch of extra pump parts for keeping at home and work, this breastmilk + bottle cooler for transporting milk each day, etc.

My favorite purchase relating to breastfeeding is this pumping bra! I originally had this one, but once I dropped the baby weight, it didn’t fit anymore. This new one is adjustable, comes with removable straps, and is a pretty blush color. This is the only way I can get things done while pumping at home or at work!

Household Items:

These fancy little dusters work so much better than a cloth when it comes to dusting our furniture, railings, and baseboards! They trap the dust so well and make it easy to get in tight areas like between the posts of the railings.

We ordered a new dining room table and since it has a unique concrete top on it and we are at the early stages of expanding our family, we decided to get this nifty protector for the top of it.

Our Crock Pot kicked the can not too long ago — I was sitting on the couch holding Fletcher when all of the sudden water started pouring down the center island in the kitchen. I quickly ran over to see what was going on and realized our Crock Pot had cracked and all of the liquid that the chicken was being cooked in was rushing all over the counter and onto the floor. Luckily the chicken had recently finished cooking otherwise that would have involved a lot of sanitizing! We ordered this new one and it’s a little bigger than our old one, which has been nice!

I also ordered this diffuser for my mom’s birthday / Mother’s Day gift a few weeks ago and then picked up a few essential oils (lavender, lemon, and orange) from our local health co-op to go with it.

Linking up today!

What’s something you’ve been loving from Amazon?!