Frumpy to Fabulous

Here in Minnesota, our winters are super long, and after the holidays, there isn't much to look forward to for awhile. Last winter, when I found myself feeling frumpy and just "blah" in January, I started brainstorming ideas to remedy this. I eventually decided to make a commitment to get dressed everyday. 

Now, I'm not talking about taking a shower on Saturday morning only to slip back into pajamas afterwards. Repeat after me, pajamas are not an outfit. Neither are sweatpants.

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I also used to live in my gym clothes on the weekends -- I'd meet a friend for coffee while wearing a Nike track jacket, hit the grocery store in my Lululemon crops, and lounge around at home in my favorite gym shorts. Was I comfortable? Most definitely (helloooo, elastic waistbands). Did I feel confident in my appearance? Not exactly.

Work was a different story; I got up each morning and threw on some leggings and a tunic top or whatever was clean, piled my hair into a messy bun, applied foundation + mascara and called it a day. Then I'd arrive at work and just felt frumpy all day because I didn't put any thought into my appearance. Also, any day that I'd decide to forego a shower (and basically try to mask my greasy hair with a pound of dry shampoo) in attempt to get 15 more minutes of sleep would inevitably be the day that I'd be invited to a design consult with the VP. Yikes.

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I decided that I wanted to stop feeling less than fabulous, so I made a change. I started waking up just a little earlier for work so that I wouldn't feel so rushed (aka frazzled running out the door while trying to juggle a purse, laptop bag, gym bag, and protein shake). I added a few new staples to my closet, and I started putting my best self out there.

Taking the time to wash / dry / style my hair, apply makeup, and wear an outfit I felt good in made such a different in my mindset. I started adding in fun accessories and shoes, which made getting dressed in the morning that much more enjoyable. Because let's face it, not many things are enjoyable at 5:37am on a bitterly cold and dark January morning besides sleeping.

I no longer had feelings of dread when I was invited to a last-minute meeting, and felt excited when a friend invited me to a spontaneous happy hour after work because I felt dressed and ready to go! 

On the weekends, I started wearing similar outfits, just a bit more casual. For example, instead of skinny jeans and my favorite Tippi sweater, I'd pull on a comfy pair of boyfriend jeans and a long sleeved top paired with a puffer vest.

When I hit the gym, I put athletic clothes on for my workout and then shower / change before leaving the gym. No more running errands in sweat-soaked socks!

Here's what I love about this new approach:

I'm always ready to go -- whether it be to run out to our neighborhood market to grab a few tomatoes to go with our dinner, or to meet up with a friend that needs to chat.

I take better care of myself -- I tend to stick to my workouts more regularly and eat healthier.  Let's face it, you're less tempted to eat ice cream straight out of the container when you're wearing your skinny jeans that fit like a glove.

I'm more productive -- when I'm dressed and ready to go, I'm more focused. Wearing pajamas just makes me want to lounge around on the couch and binge watch episodes of my latest drama show on Netflix.

Below are a few parts of my routine that really make a difference for me:

  • I paint my nails every single week.
  • I shower (and wash my hair) every single morning.
  • I lay out my clothes for work the evening before.
  • I style my hair everyday.
  • I only purchase clothes that are in alignment with my personal style. (Post on this coming soon).
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Big, baggy hoodies from college, sweatpants that are two sizes too big (but man, were those comfy!), freebie tees with company logos on them, etc. Since I no longer have these comfortable but worn-out clothes to wear, I'm forced to be more intentional about what I choose for outfits.

Dressing for your day is such a simple concept, but often overlooked! I encourage you to give it a try for a week straight to see if you notice a difference! You've got this!

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Do you enjoy dressing up?
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