Chalkboard Lettering


My friend, Jenny, recently transformed her coffee table to have a chalkboard top on it. Whenever we hang out at her condo, I find so much joy in doodling all over the top of it while we sit and chat. Last weekend, she hosted a "Galentine's" party which consisted of us lifting at Life Time, then coming back to her place for chocolate cake. It's all about balance, right? 

Happy Easter!

I've been playing around with some new handlettering techniques and love the quirky style of this quick Easter lettering project.


Be Here

"Stress is caused by being here
but wanting to be there."
-Eckhart Tolle

I found this quote the other day while browsing on Pinterest--there was just something about it that really resonated with me. Too often, I find myself caught up in the planning, controlling, and analyzing rather than just being present in the moment.

I crafted this simple handlettering project as a reminder of how wonderful it truly is when we finally let go of the to-do lists and running in circles to just simply let ourselves be here, right now--enjoying the moment for what it is.