So Long, Appendix!

Last weekend, I unexpectedly had an appendectomy due to acute appendicitis. The whole thing was kind of a blur since it happened so quickly, but the good news is that I'm on the mend! 

To be honest, I always thought getting your appendix out would be much more dramatic than my experience was. I had some cramping the week prior and brushed it off as no big deal. That Wednesday, I lifted weights (leg day) and noticed that my hip felt funny the next day. I also felt a little nauseous that evening but assumed I just had an upset stomach from something I ate. I figured I had pulled a hip flexor since the majority of the pain was coming from the front of my right hip--especially when I moved my leg or twisted my abdomen. I googled "appendicitis" just for kicks but was reassured that it wasn't the case when I read the symptoms of "flu like characteristics and sharp, debilitating pain."

As the night went on, I tossed and turned as the pain in my right side became more severe. The next morning, I went to the chiropractor to have her check it out since they're used to all of my sore muscles from lifting weights. My chiropractor expressed concern about it being my appendix and recommended that I go straight to urgent care to get it checked. Upon arriving to urgent care, they immediately brought me back to a room and did an ultrasound and then a CT scan. After waiting for what felt like forever, the doctor came into the room and told me that I had early-onset appendicitis and that they would be doing a direct transfer to the local hospital so that I could be prepped for surgery.

Once I arrived at the hospital around 3:30pm, they immediately brought me to my own room, gave me an IV with antibiotics (in case my appendix burst), and some fluids since I was dehydrated and hadn't eaten anything yet that day. They continued to monitor me before sending me off to surgery around 9pm. The surgery took about one hour from start to finish and once it was complete, they kept me in the recovery room for awhile to make sure everything was okay before moving me back to my room to rest. I remember that my throat hurt from the breathing tube and I was so thirsty--I swear, apple juice has never tasted so good in my life! I was really tired after the procedure and slept fairly well despite being in the hospital. My care team woke me up pretty much every hour to check my vitals and the incisions but thankfully I had no problem falling back asleep each time.

The next morning, I ate breakfast and lunch at the hospital before they discharged me--they wanted to make sure my digestive system was back in order before letting me go. Nothing really sounded good so I choked down some bland foods like toast and applesauce before heading home. The recovery has been a lot easier than I imagined--I took it easy last week to let my body rest and allow my incisions to heal. My appendectomy was done laparoscopically, so I just have three small incisions in the center of my lower abdomen. My appetite is still a little wonky and I feel exhausted anytime I get up and walk around, but I'm slowly starting to feel like myself again and am thankful that everything went well!