Creating a Life Vision

Oh, hey! I figured I'd clear the dust off my blog and put my writing hat back on. Blogging is something that I LOVED a few years ago since it served as a creative outlet. I've made a list of post ideas and they'll be popping up in the near future so be sure to come along for the ride! Today I'll be talking about my love for creating a life vision! 

My life mentor is big on vision boards--you know, the kind where there are tons of images clipped out of magazines and glued to a poster board? In fact, she creates one every year to serve as inspiration for her upcoming year. It's also important to note that she does every. single. thing. on that board in that year. Jayme is definitely one of the most goal-oriented and inspiring people that I've ever met--and the best part is that she sits three desks away from me at work so we get to chat on the regular.

After seeing Jayme's boards, I was feeling inspired to create one of my own. However, rather than creating one for the year, I chose to create a life vision board. One evening, I sat on my kitchen island (because that's totally normal, right?), blasted some of my favorite music, and got to work. I started out by collecting all of my images to a Pinterest board, and then later creating a simple template in InDesign to drop my images in. Since then, I've printed mine and have it hanging both at my desk and framed in the hallway of our home. Glancing at it each and every day brings a smile to my face as a reminder of where I'm headed in life.

Going left to right on my vision board shown above, below are the meanings behind the images if you're interested! 

1. Live a creative life—incorporate my love for illustration into my life, draw more, hang my art on the walls of my home

2. Rid my life of anything that doesn’t fit my vision—follow the no-clutter mindset and embrace minimalism so that I can focus on the things that truly bring me joy.

3. Discover my personal style—I'll do a separate post on this because I feel like I've finally defined my style over the last six months. 
4. Welcome a golden retriever into our family

5. Invest time into journaling / reading / reflection / to ensure I'm in alignment with creating my best life
6. Incorporate psychology into my daily routine—whether it be as a life coach, getting my PhD, etc.
7. Learn to play the piano


8. Live a healthy and fit life / be my best self
9. Learn calligraphy
10. Visit Australia
11. Live a life that I love
12. Be more open to “just go”—take advantage of opportunities, do things that are out of my comfort zone, etc.

13. Have strong and healthy friendships—ones where I feel safe, heard, and valued
14. Own a home that we love—a place that we love to come home to
15. Be brave with my life

16. Prioritize my mental health through mindfulness + meditation

17. Learn to be okay with being alone, schedule down time, enjoy my own company
18. Live by the beach

19. Say “no" more often so that I can say “yes" to things that bring me joy
20. Live an authentic + intentional life / be free
21. Have a family
22. Write my autobiography
23. Learn to truly love myself and restore the relationship with my body—live a life that reflects this


24. Continually strengthen our marriage and be intentional about maintaining this important relationship

Have you ever created a vision board? 
What are three things you'd like to accomplish either this year or in your lifetime?