Typical Day of Eats

What I eat is actually a question that I get fairly often from family and friends--I think part of this has to do with that fact that I work for a large health + fitness company. I promise I don't have all the answers--this is simply what works for me. I started eating healthy right after college and eventually figured out what works best for my body so that I feel my best. I've also worked with a nutrition coach before, but that's a story for another day. ;)

My friend Kari inspired me to purchase this meal prep system (I own the hot pink one) and I absolutely love it--it makes eating healthy on the go so simple! I've always been one of those people that eats six or so small meals per day rather than three large meals; I have issues with hypoglycemia, so eating every few hours keeps my energy and blood sugar balanced. 

This meal prep system comes with a bunch of these cute little containers to store your meals in--I love that they're clear--making it easy to see which meal I want to grab next. I've ordered a few add-on packs for mine so that I have containers in multiple sizes. 

I start each morning with coffee--either at home, or I swing by my neighborhood Starbucks on the way into work. At home, I use my Keurig to brew a cup of Starbucks Verona and add a splash of organic half & half. My go-to order at Starbucks is a venti iced Americano with extra ice and a splash of cream. #highmaintenance

Once I get settled in at my desk (computer on, coat off, check emails and calendar, etc.), I make a shake. I bring my mini Ninja blender and whip up a protein shake consisting of Life Time Fitness whey protein, L-glutamine, probiotic powder, unsweetened almond milk, Life Greens (Life Time's version of Dynamic Greens), peanut butter, and ice. Once in awhile I forget to bring the blade attachment for my blender, so I run across the parking lot to grab a Mocha Madness shake at the Life Cafe inside the club.

Around 10am, I break into my snack, which is usually a protein paired with a carb. Organic string cheese and a delicious orange were on tap for this day. Throughout the morning I typically drink one Camelbak full of water--I think that's around 24oz. I'm also one of those people that has to have a ton of ice in my water--I love when it's freezing cold! This is also why I sit with a blanket in my lap all day.

I usually eat lunch around noon and tend to work through lunch but I'd love to break this habit soon so that I can have a "real" break. My days are always just so busy--poor excuse, but it's the truth. My lunches at work are almost always a salad, soup, or a random mix of protein + veggies as shown above. This particular lunch was an organic chicken sausage, brussels sprouts, red + orange peppers, and coconut oil.

I also drink at least one of these LaCroix sparkling waters each day--I'm obsessed with them! Cran-Raspberry, Coconut, and Passionfruit are my favorite flavors. I also keep bars of dark chocolate in my desk drawer and have a small square almost every day following lunch.

Around 2:30pm, I'm ready for a snack. One of my favorites lately is fresh veggies, organic guacamole, and some flavored water--this peach lemonade flavor is so good and definitely curbs my sweet tooth! 

This is what I call my "car snack"--it's what I eat while driving to my next activity after work--whether it be a coffee date with a friend, the gym, running errands, etc.


I just always need a little something between leaving work and eating dinner to avoid that awful "hangry" feeling! 

My dinners usually consist of a protein, healthy fat, something green, and a complex carb like a sweet potato. I don't eat red meat and haven't since high school so my proteins are almost always chicken, turkey, egg whites, or protein powder. Overall, I don't really "love" meat and could easily be a vegetarian without any issues.

I always have a snack in the evening before bed otherwise I wake up hungry in the night--some of my favorites are a smoothie / protein shake, homemade popcorn, small bowl of cereal, or some fruit and peanut butter.

I'm a creature of habit and generally eat the same things over and over again until I get sick of them--then I take a break and eat something else before cycling my old favorites back into my daily routine again. 

What are some of your favorite snacks?
What do you typically pack for lunch each day?