Sculpture Garden & Skylines

Last weekend was such a full one for us, so I've split my recap into three parts. If you're just joining me today, be sure to check out our apple orchard adventure and the last weekend of Parade of Homes.

Last Friday, I headed to one of my favorite client's offices to work onsite for the majority of the day. It was so fun to see familiar faces and work alongside them again! After spending the day there, I headed home so we could head out on our date night for the evening! 


necklace // cardigan // jeans // booties

We decided to go to the newly redesigned Minneapolis Sculpture Garden at the Walker Art Center. I'm pretty sure the last time I visited the sculpture garden was back in 2013 as part of the Healthy Living Summit that was hosted in Minneapolis. That seriously seems like ages ago! 


Since then, they've redesigned the entire grounds with all new installations and it was so fun to see how it had changed! 


This was the view looking up from inside of one of the installations -- I loved how this perspective looked! Plus, that texture on the wall was such a fun pattern!


This tree was completely covered in wind chimes! 


Afterwards, we headed up to the bridge that spans the freeway to have a look around.


The sun was setting by this point and the lighting was so pretty! 


Andy brought his Nikon and enjoyed taking some shots from unique angles and perspectives. Andy's an art director and also an excellent photographer; he took the photos below -- check out his website here.


I love the way the light hits just before the sun is about to go down -- it basks everything in a pretty golden hue.


The icon Cherry on the Spoon all lit up at night.


About once a month or so, we love playing tourist in our area -- it's a fun way to spend our date nights while checking out events and locations that are close to home!

Ever been to a sculpture garden / museum?
What's your favorite place to go on a date?