Saturday Movie Date

This past weekend, we bumped our weekly date night from Friday to Saturday since Andy had plans to attend a birthday party on Friday evening. Normally I would have gone with, but when I found out it was all guys, I opted for a quiet evening at home. 


After work, I swung by Trader Joe's for a few items including ingredients to make a little cheese tray for dinner that evening. 


Side note, I tried kombucha a few years ago and did not like it at all. It came up in conversation at work this past week and our creative director let me try her cranberry flavored one. I instantly liked it and came to the conclusion that I just tried the wrong flavor before! Now I'm hooked on these!


Afterwards, I swung by the mall to exchange a sweater that I had purchased. I loved this one, but there was a dark spot in the weaving of it and it looked like a stain so I decided to return it and have them ship me a new one.


While I was there, I tried on a few sweaters just for fun but didn't end up bringing any of them home with me. 

2 (1).jpg

Teavana was having a BOGO sale, and I had a $10 off coupon, so I ended up getting two tins of their white chocolate peppermint tea for less than $20 each! I'm so excited to sip this at work this week! 

Upon arriving home, I assembled my cheese tray, poured some kombucha into a wine glass, and settled in on the couch to catch up on Grey's from the week before. I had watched the winter season finale with my sister on Thursday night but missed the episode from the week before! 


On Saturday, I headed over to my friend Jen's for our small group! Our friend Kacie brought sprinkle donuts for all of us and it was so fun to catch up over those and coffee before digging into our study.


Upon arriving home, Andy and I played a few rounds of Monopoly Deal while eating lunch before heading out for our movie date!


We saw Murder on the Orient Express and it was SO good! The ending definitely surprised me and I love when that happens! 


We swung by Costco for a few items on the way home -- I'll probably hit the grocery store again this week since there are a few items that we need (pumpkin pies, etc.) for Thanksgiving but I want to make sure they're super fresh! We were starving by this point, so we decided to grab tacos at a little taco place nearby -- they definitely hit the spot! 

Later that evening, we watched Home Alone 2, but I fell asleep halfway through so I'll most likely catch up on that later this week when we have some time off. 

Sunday was the usual: laundry, meal prep (it was so nice to only have to prep 3 lunches instead of 5 due to the holiday week!), and reading.

When does your Thanksgiving break start?
What are your Thanksgiving plans?