How to Finish Christmas Shopping Before Thanksgiving

I'm linking up for Tuesday Talk today to chat about Christmas shopping! This is the very first year that I'm finished with all of our Christmas shopping before Thanksgiving, and let me tell you -- it feels SO good!

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I made the decision to have all of our gifts purchased and wrapped by December 1st, and I ended up beating my own deadline! I thought I'd share some tips that helped me accomplish this in record timing! 

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1. Make Lists of People + Gifts
This is probably what made shopping for gifts so easy! I made a list in my phone of everyone that we needed to buy gifts for and then listed off some ideas below their name. This eliminated walking blindly into the mall or browsing online stores without a clue of what to purchase.

2. Shop While Running Errands
So many of the stocking stuffer gifts that I purchased were picked up during a random Target or Trader Joe's run. By incorporating this into my errands, it made one less errand that I had to run! 

3. Online Shopping
I never used to be a big online shopping until the last few years -- now I purchase most of our gifts (and even a lot of my clothes) online. I love shopping at retailers such as Nordstrom since it's always free shipping and returns! 

4. Delegate Gifts
Andy chose and picked up the gifts for our nephews -- which really helped out a lot since it was two less people that I needed to shop for. We only buy gifts for the kids in our family (nieces and nephews), so it's pretty straightforward, but if you have lots of aunts, uncles, cousins, etc. to buy for -- be sure to delegate who will take care of which gifts between you and your spouse / significant other.

5. Wrap Gifts while Watching TV / Movies
I like to wrap gifts as I purchase them so we can tuck them under the tree. I often do this while watching a show or movie to make it more enjoyable.

When do you typically finish your Christmas shopping?
Do you have a long list of people to buy for?