The Days Before Christmas

Christmas definitely felt like it snuck right up this year and I was so grateful to have some time off before the holiday shenanigans! 


Just before Christmas, I got my hair cut and went about an inch shorter than usual -- I'm toying with the idea of doing a much shorter, asymmetrical cut sometime this year, but who knows! Here I'm wearing that holiday plaid button-down again -- it's been so fun to mix and match with other closet staples! Paired with a puffer vest and my favorite everyday jeans (which are currently on sale for under $95). Just an FYI, I'd recommend sizing down a full size on this particular wash of denim -- their other toothpick jeans don't stretch out but this wash definitely does! 

1 (3).jpg

Last Wednesday, I met up with my auntie for a dinner date -- this is always one of my favorite things and I always leave feeling so uplifted. My aunt and I are scary-similar personality-wise (ENTP and Enneagram 8w7), so it's always fun to chat about life with her. She's also really into psychology as well, so it's fun to have conversations centered around that.


Last Thursday, my boss surprised us with Christmas gifts before most of us headed out! We always say that she is the hostess with the mostest because she's always so thoughtful throughout the year! 

1 (2).jpg

The box was filled with so many fun things like hand cream, one of my favorite books, and a few other little goodies! 


I headed to my sister's house after work that evening to watch her girls while they finished up some last-minute Christmas shopping. We ate snacks and watched a Christmas movie -- that's a winning combination in my book! 

9 (1).jpg

I took Friday off to have some downtime before the Christmas events started and it felt so good to wake up and relax instead of rushing out the door like I do most mornings. After awhile, I headed out to a nail appointment, but otherwise spent the day watching a few Christmas movies and taking a 2-hour nap which felt amazing.


Getting a manicure is a rare occurrence for me since I prefer to do my own manicures, but my cuticles had been in rough shape lately. They recommended this product to me, so I'm excited to try it out! 


We're still loving our Sling membership -- it's been so great to be able to record the shows / movies I want to watch and then having a full DVR to choose from whenever I have a chance to sit down.

I'll recap our Christmas celebrations tomorrow, so be sure to check back! 

Did you have time off before / after Christmas?
Favorite TV channel
? I'm obsessed with those thrillers on Lifetime Channel!