What's Up Wednesday #6

I'm linking up for another What's Up Wednesday! 


What we're eating this week:
Homemade chili has been on heavy rotation over here. Click here for my favorite recipe.


What I'm reminiscing about:
The Christmas concert that we attended a couple weeks ago was SO good -- we're still talking about it! 


What I'm loving:
My job! We had our holiday party last week at Cafe Lurcat and it was so fun to meet everyone's significant others and introduce them to Andy. I just love the team I work with so much! I found the perfect top for the party and am looking forward to incorporating it into a few outfits for Christmas gatherings as well! 

What we've been up to:
Lots of Christmas activities -- however, I'm super behind on Christmas movies and am looking forward to cozying up on my days off to enjoy a few! 

What I'm dreading:
Taking down the Christmas tree!


What I'm working on:
Some fun illustration projects at work -- it's been so great to have a passion and career come together! 

What I'm excited about:
Christmas this weekend! We've got three Christmas events to attend and I'm looking forward to lots of festivities. I'm also trying out a recipe for a dessert that my friend's mom used to always make -- I'll be sure to share it if it turns out well.

What I'm watching / reading:
I've been rereading this book and I also picked up a new thriller from the library! As for watching, we recently signed up for Sling TV and have enjoyed watching all of our favorite channels.

What I'm listening to:
Christmas music, day and night! 

What I'm wearing:
These cozy socks every day -- my feet are always freezing! I tossed another pair into my cart when I ordered this cute tote bag (that's only $8!) the other day.


What I'm doing this weekend:
Christmas-ing all weekend long! I'm also thinking of grabbing a Starbucks and getting a pedicure one of the days as a way to get some intentional downtime in before the craziness. 


What I'm looking forward to next month:
Starting our home search and the freshness of a new year! 

What else is new:
I think that just about covers it! 

Pick a few questions and answer them in the comments below!