My Christmas Wish List

I'm linking up with two of my favorite bloggers, Sarah and Victoria, for their "The Most Wonderful Time of the Year" linkup! Today's topic is Christmas Wish List, which is being hosted by one of my other favorite bloggers! 

As I've mentioned before, I keep a running wishlist year round -- Andy uses this as a guide for purchasing gifts, but I also use it for myself whenever I find myself wanting to purchase a little something for myself! Here's a look at what's on my wishlist right now:


This acrylic nail polish organizer would be perfect for corralling all of my nail polish. 

I have a little bit of a walk to the office each morning, and a cozy hat helps keep my ears warm -- I have a little white one, and larger one, but this black one would be the perfect in-between hat.

This Vineyard Vines quilted pullover is the perfect layer to pull on with jeans and a tee on a Saturday.

Andy got me these Kate Spade diamond studs in light pink for Valentine's Day and I'd love to add the crystal clear pair to my collection for everyday wear.

A new popcorn popper is at the top of my list since our other one is such a pain to clean! 

This little clutch would be such a great date-night accessory for when I just want to bring my ID, phone, and a lipgloss.

I'd love to use an Apple watch to track my activity levels at the gym and while running the trails.

I've got my eye on this Madewell tote as an everyday bag for work -- I just need something to carry my lunch, wallet, and keys each morning.

I've heard great things about this cuticle product and I'd love to try it out as part of my at-home manicure routine.

I have these pajama pants in two other colors and they are my very favorite -- I'd love to add this Christmas-y pair to my collection! 

This illustrated version of my favorite movie looks so cute and reading it is a tradition I'd love to start when we have kids! 

What's on your Christmas wish list this year?
Do you like to choose your gifts or be surprised?