Laid Back Weekend

After a bit of a crazy week, a laid back weekend was just what I needed. Not much on the calendar, paired with some amazing spring weather was the perfect combination as we headed into the end of the week! 


Friday started out bright and early -- I had the day off but needed to run an errand before the sun was even up! I walked to my neighborhood Starbucks once I was home and couldn't help but smile as I enjoyed the cool breeze, bright sunshine, and the sounds of chirping birds. There's just something about the changing of seasons that makes me so happy. 

I did a couple things around the house and then ended up taking an unplanned three hour nap! It felt so amazing, and I woke up feeling so refreshed -- it's funny how the body always knows what it needs! Afterwards, I showered and got ready for the night before Andy and I headed out for a casual date night.


We walked downtown to grab ice cream and then headed out to walk on a regional trail that's located near our house. 

It was such a pretty evening and so many people were out on the regional trail enjoying the warm spring night! The thing I love most about this trail is that the scenery is constantly changing as it winds along a lake, through neighborhoods, downtown, and wooded areas.

We walked for about an hour before heading back home to make breakfast for dinner (aka what we usually make when we're running low on groceries!). We watched an episode of Quantico before calling it an early night! We just love this show so much! 

The next morning, I headed over to my friend Molly's house for my Saturday morning small group! I've probably mentioned this a million times before, but I LOVE my small group so, so much! This group of girls are my favorite and it has been so fun doing life with them these past 7ish months!

We're all in similar seasons of life and it is so encouraging to meet twice a month to chat about our book study and chat about life. We just started reading For Men Only, since we finished up For Women Only last month! 

Saturday afternoon, we headed to Costco to grab our weekly essentials, dropped them off at home, and then headed to the lake for a long walk.

The lake we went to is actually connected to a second lake via a little trail, so in the end, we walked close to nine miles! We were more than ready for some dinner by the time we got back home. 

Andy spent the evening watching the Final Four basketball game on TV while I cracked open my new library book -- Pretty Girls, by Karin Slaughter. I'm already hooked on this book and am anxious to see what happens next! 

Sunday was a pretty low-key day: more Quantico, reading, and a quick trip to the gym. I've been trying to finish Downton Abbey (Andy's not a fan so I watch this solo), so I watched a few episodes of that before hitting the hay.

What was the highlight of your weekend?
Favorite ice cream flavor?