Sunday Funday + Other Weekend Activities

This weekend was a great combo of both busy and relaxing! We've had some cooler temps in the cities and it has been so refreshing! Temps were in the low 70s all weekend and it felt so amazing to be outside without sweating to death! 


Friday morning started out with a quick run down by the lake -- it was a beautiful morning and this always helps me to get my day off to an energizing start! 

We went out for a dinner date on Friday evening and made a list of characteristics we'd like in our new home -- we plan to share this when we meet with a realtor in the upcoming months. Luckily, Andy and I have very similar tastes when it comes to what we desire in our future home, so it made the list writing fairly easy! 

Afterwards, we swung by Redbox to grab Beauty and the Beast for the evening. We saw this movie in the theaters a few months ago, but loved it so much that we wanted to see it again.

On Saturday, I headed out for a morning walk and ended up having an hour-long text conversation with my good friend, Hanna! She texted me just as I was heading out to the local trail and we ended up conversing back and forth for a good chunk of my walk. Hanna is one of my friends from Life Time and is an AMAZING athlete -- she runs a million miles a day and regularly competes in triathlons with her boyfriend! When I worked at Life Time, Hanna and I would always run into each other in the break room as we were making our shakes and smoothies for the day. Eventually, we started meeting regularly for lunch dates and found out that we are both very similar (minus the whole triathlon thing, because swimming just isn't my forte). It felt so good to catch up with her -- she's definitely one of my favorites! 

Towards the end of the walk, I swung by our local bakery to grab sprinkle donuts for Andy and I as a Saturday morning treat. Upon arriving home and showering, we both ended up going our separate ways for the day -- Andy was meeting a friend for lunch and I had plans to babysit my nieces for the afternoon.

Also, quick side note -- I made a protein shake before heading out to my sister's house and used this new mocha java powder that I ordered off Amazon. Andy and I both love the "Mocha Madness" shakes from the Life Time cafe, and this mocha java powder is the key! I threw some almond milk, grass-fed whey protein, mocha java powder, L-glutamine, and ice into my mini Ninja blender and this shake tasted just like our favorite from LifeCafe! I'd highly recommend it if you like mocha shakes! 


I know I say this a million times, but I just love these little squirts so much! We played "princess birthday party" for a good chunk of the day after we decorated their princess castle with homemade party decorations. Every time I look at this picture, it makes me laugh -- it's so funny how little it takes to entertain a toddler.

Eventually it was naptime -- after getting both girls down, I watched tv for a bit and before I knew it, Chloe was up from her very short nap. This allowed both of us to play together for the majority of the afternoon while Becca was still asleep. I think little Chloe enjoyed the one-on-one time! We played with bubbles, read books, and I tried to teach her to color but that didn't go over too well. :)

Later that evening, I met up with Andy at a local park for a walk around the lake -- less than 20 minutes into our walk, it turned into an all-out sprint back to the car to avoid the pouring rain that suddenly broke out on us! We swung by Target on the way home to grab ice cream and a few groceries before heading back to the house to watch the last half of Beauty and the Beast. In standard fashion, I fell asleep halfway through the movie the night before -- I can never stay awake for evening movies! 

The next day, we decided on having an impromptu Sunday Funday by taking a mini road trip down to the Nike Clearance store to find some new shoes for Andy. We ended up leaving empty-handed, but the trip wasn't a total wash since we decided to swing by a new Hy-Vee store on the long ride home. I was SO impressed with this grocery store -- they had tons of mini food stations, a Starbucks coffee shop, full beauty department, and even a full restaurant. 

We grabbed a late lunch at their Chipotle-inspired food station and it hit the spot! Afterwards, we strolled through the aisles to browse around. I don't know what it is about new grocery stores, but I just love exploring them -- I probably said "this place is amazing" at least seven times while we scoped the place out.

After our Hy-Vee adventure, I convinced Andy to head to a local park down the street -- one that I used to frequent as a kid. It's a gorgeous paved trail that walks around a lake, park, and camping area. It was so breezy and cool outside -- much different than the previous weekend's weather! 

The rest of the evening was spent relaxing at home -- I recently got sucked into the show, This Is Us, and have been binge-watching it! It's so good! 

What show are you enjoying lately?
Favorite thing to do on a Sunday?