June Goals

I'm a little late to the June goals game, but I've been working towards a few goals this past month! First, here's a quick recap of my May goals:

1. Renew my Passport
Done! The paperwork has been filled out and I had a new photo taken -- it feels SO good to have this checked off of my list.

2. Select a few additions to my summer wardrobe
Kind of accomplished! I recently purchased a couple of my favorite tees from Madewell, a pair of jeans, new bikini (top and bottom), and a new pair of wedges for summer. I still need to pick up a few more tees and tanks though! 

3. Establish morning and evening routines
Done! I'll do a post on each of these! 


4. Create one new illustration
Done! Instead of one illustration, I've been working on lots of tiny illustrations -- check out these little cuties! 

5. Research vegetarian diets
Done! I spent time researching this and also talked to my friend, Jen, who is a long-time vegetarian. I'm feeling good nutrition-wise and am enjoying this new approach.

Below are my goals for the month of June:

1. Purchase more tanks and tees

I know this is still bouncing off of last month's goal of adding items to my summer wardrobe, but my selection in my closet is still limited when it comes to short sleeves. I've got my eye on this tee in navy, this one in golden rose, this tank, and a lightweight tunic.

2. Continue my new running routine 3x per week
I've really been enjoying this a lot more than I thought I would -- I really thought my running days were over, but apparently I still really enjoy hitting the trails for a good run! 

3. Be intentional about scheduling time with others
I've noticed that I feel so much more energized when I've spent time with people -- I'd like to make this more of a regular occurrence rather than just a once or twice a month thing.

4. Commit to my ab routine 1-2x per week
I used to be so diligent about this and then fell off the bandwagon -- I use Kayla Itsines' BBG program for this and love it! 

5. Start implementing new ideas for lunch
I've been eating so many Greek salads lately and am ready for some new meals around the noon hour.

What are some goals that you are working towards?