Weekend of Extreme Temps

We went into this past weekend without much on the agenda, but it ended up being a great one! 

Backing up to Thursday evening, I headed out to meet my aunt for dinner at our favorite restaurant, Good Earth at the Galleria! We dined on the patio and it was such a beautiful evening -- we randomly got hit with a cool, 60 degree day here in July and it was delightful. It seriously felt just like fall! We met around 6pm and didn't leave until close to 10pm! We clearly had a lot of catching up to do! 

On Friday evening, Andy and I headed out on our weekly date night -- starting with going out for pizza and then walking around the lake.

We went to a lake that's connected to the one that we usually walk around it was so nice to have a change in scenery.

Afterwards, we headed home and I popped the pumpkin chocolate chip bread that I had prepped earlier into the oven and we watched an episode of Quantico, as we sipped Palomas! I had picked up ingredients for these earlier that evening when I had a sudden craving for them -- they're the perfect summer drink! 

Saturday morning, I slept in later than I had anticipated, and when I headed out for a run, it was SO hot! It was such a drastic difference after Thursday and Friday's autumn-like temps! I was completely drenched one mile into my run! 

I started out down by the lake, but then switched over to a local trail since it was shaded. I ran four sweaty miles before heading home to shower before heading out for the day.

My friend Hanna invited me to shop with her at the outlet mall, and we ended up spending the whole afternoon there. I hadn't seen her since March, so it was so good to catch up! Later that evening, she joined Andy and I for a Saturday evening service at church.

I woke up on Sunday morning not sure of what I wanted to do on such a beautiful day -- I was feeling torn between the pool and rollerblading around the lake but ended up choosing a workout over the pool. I only lasted about an hour around the lake because it was so humid outside! I was still able to get a good workout in, though! 

Afterwards, I dropped off some donations (always embracing that minimalist life!) before heading home for a shower! I spent the rest of the afternoon relaxing in the AC while working on the computer for awhile. 

What was your favorite part of the weekend?
Favorite summer drink of choice?