Make Every Day Luxurious

Growing up, I remember my mom used to always have us save old t-shirts and shorts "for working out." I remember wearing freebie tees (like the ones we received each year for volunteering at Operation Christmas Child) to our local YMCA. Later on, we joined Life Time Fitness and I remember feeling a little out of place in my cheap tees and Soffe shorts.

Once I was out on my own, I bought a few gym outfits -- just some simple workout tanks and a pair of capris and wore them for my next workout at the club. I remember feeling so much more confident about myself while out on the fitness floor. That was a defining moment that made me realize that every day can have little luxuries -- even if it's something as simple as wearing a cute outfit to the gym, using your good dishes to eat takeout food, or going out of your way to enjoy the scenic route home.

Below, I've listed some little ways to make each day more luxurious, or feel a little more fancy! I know I definitely have more of a pep in my step when I'm headed out the door in the morning while wearing my favorite shoes or accessories! 

On that note, today is my half birthday and I'm most definitely going to do something small to celebrate! :)

Screen Shot 2017-09-19 at 4.30.23 PM.png

Take a real lunch break away from your desk

Savor a favorite glass of wine

Curl up with a new magazine

Fill your home with classical music as you cook, clean, or relax

Wear bright colored statement earrings with jeans and a tee

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Wake up early and savor your morning coffee while reading a good book

Schedule an appointment to have your vehicle detailed. (I do this at least once a year and it is life-changing).

Get a mani / pedi or do it yourself while watching your favorite show

Wake up early and hit the grocery store before the rest of the world is awake

Wear your favorite scarf on a cold day

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Text a girlfriend to meet you for an impromptu catch-up session at a cute little wine cafe

Watch an eye makeup tutorial on YouTube and give yourself a smokey eye for your work day

Wear heels and a statement necklace with your jeans

Install a remote start on your vehicle to enjoy jumping into an already warm car on a cold night at the end of your work day

Block out an hour in your calendar to read at your local bookstore

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Take a bubble bath, complete with candles and a bath bomb

Make dinner reservations -- it feels fancier than just waltzing up to the restaurant to see if there's a table open

Step out of the office to pick up your favorite takeout meal for lunch

Book a massage at your favorite spa

Light a favorite candle -- these ones instantly make a room super cozy

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Enjoy an afternoon at the pool or beach

Create a peaceful yet energizing morning routine

Develop a relaxing yet productive evening routine

Clean out your wallet and purse -- you'll feel less frazzled when you're shopping

Wear cozy socks

What's something you like to do to add a little pep to your day?
What's one thing that you always look forward to?