What's In My Bag

I'm linking up today to share what's inside of my purse! When I dumped out my bag onto the rug, this is what I found (after tossing a few receipts and candy wrappers, let's be honest). These are my essential items when I'm running around -- my work bag contains additional items such as markers, a highlighter, a MacBook Pro, sketchbook, etc.


A Book -- This is the book that my small group will be using for our fall session

Simplified Planner -- The best planner ever! My 2018 version should be delivered this afternoon! I also have a Sharpie Pen, which are my favorite pens to use in my SP! 

Fossil Wallet -- This wallet holds my ID, credit cards, gift cards, insurance cards, and membership cards to places such as Costco and the arboretum. I'd love to move to a smaller wallet this year since I don't have much in my wallet and never carry cash or checks.

Beauty Products -- A comb to re-tease my hair if it goes flat, sunglasses + sunglasses cleaner, my favorite lip gloss, lip crayon (shade is Pink Lagoon), lip balm, and a Panaway essential oils roller.

Snacks -- I almost always have some sort of snack / bar on me due to having minor episodes of hypoglycemia. That little gold pouch is filled with Starbursts for that very reason. I also like to have organic mints on me, too! 

iPhone Accessories -- I always carry an iPhone charging cord and a pair of headphones. (I keep my wireless headphones in my gym bag).

What are your top three purse essentials?
What planner / calendar system to do use?