An Almost Record-Breaking Weekend

It was a hot one this past weekend -- we almost hit record-breaking temps due to highs near 90! Starting today, it looks like we're finally back to the cooler temps and I could not be more excited. I'm working for a bit this morning before meeting my auntie for a lunch date and then heading to a meeting later this afternoon but first wanted to recap our weekend! 

On Friday, I headed out to J.Crew and I'll be sharing my fall fashion finds on Thursday this week so be sure to check back! After the mall, I swung by Trader Joe's to pick up a few items -- including some pumpkin goodies such as my favorite pumpkin butter! This stuff is so good on everything! 


Later that evening, we headed out for our weekly date night -- this time to Mall of America! We decided to hit the mall to walk around since it was so hot outside. 


On the way there, we swung by the Volkswagen dealership to have our new license plates put on our new car. They ran it through the car wash while we were waiting inside, and it felt so good to start the weekend off with a clean car! 


While walking through the mall, I told Andy I needed to stop at Bath & Body Works to smell all of their seasonal candles. 


All of these smelled so good -- especially that cinnamon pretzel one! 


After B&BW, we passed by the Lindt store -- they were passing out pumpkin spice truffles, so of course we had to try one of those! They were good, but I think this flavor is my favorite.


We browsed through the fall collection and sale room at J.Crew (I was at their factory store earlier that day), but left empty-handed. The sale room is definitely hit or miss.


There was also an event going on in the main rotunda to celebrate the launch of Fuller House season 3 -- there were so many bean bags spread out across the floor for shoppers to watch a few episodes. Super random! 


After walking around for a bit, we each grabbed a snack -- I went with my favorite concoction (Birthday Cake Remix) from Coldstone. Not healthy in the least bit, but I enjoy ordering it every once in awhile for a special treat.

We wandered around for a bit more before calling it a night and heading home. It was crazy how hot it was when we left the mall around 9pm -- I told Andy that whenever it's over 85 degrees and humid late at night, it always reminds me of Hawaii! I feel like their temps don't really dip down as far overnight like ours usually do.

Saturday and Sunday were pretty low key -- a few trips to the gym, small group, and dinner at my Grandpa's house. It was hot, so we stayed inside for the majority of the weekend -- here's to hoping that yesterday was the last hot day of the year! 

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Favorite candle scent?
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