New Wheels

This past weekend was filled with some unexpected car shopping! Andy's car bit the dust last Wednesday so we were in the market for a new one!

We went into car shopping with fairly open minds since we weren't set on one particular make or model. We checked out a few dealerships in the area on Wednesday evening and after not really seeing anything that we loved, we decided to spend the weekend browsing other dealerships.


On Friday morning, I headed out for a quick run through the park before sitting down to work on a freelance project before Andy got home from work. Thanks to the holiday weekend, Andy arrived home mid-afternoon, which left plenty of time to hit a few dealerships before they closed around 6pm.


We test drove a few vehicles, but didn't really see anything that we loved. We shopped around at our local Walser and after not finding anything, we headed to a few others in the area.


We headed home later that evening feeling a little discouraged that we hadn't found anything and felt some urgency since we had been sharing a vehicle last week and needed to find something by the end of the long weekend. Upon arriving home, we ate dinner and then played our favorite game to relax for a bit before calling it a night.


The next day, we headed to a couple other dealerships and then found ourselves swinging by the Volkswagen dealership just for kicks. To our surprise, we ended up finding a car that we both really liked! We took it for a test drive and then chatted with the saleswoman for a bit before heading home -- they were about to close for the evening so we made plans to sleep on it and then come back on Monday to check it out again.

Neither of us have even owned / driven a VW before so we did a little research the next day before heading back to the dealership. One of our friends / neighbors works for Audi and has owned many VWs over the years, so we asked him a bunch of questions about them and he was more than helpful! 


On Sunday morning, I went for a long walk while listening to another episode of Casefile, which I'm enjoying even more than Up & Vanished! It always keeps me on the edge of my seat and I love that they provide answers to a lot of the cases featured. I popped into our local grocery store on the way home to grab a couple of items that we were out of and had to take a quick picture of their pretty fall flowers right outside the entrance! 


Upon arriving home, I whipped up some of these, which came highly recommended from this girl! Both Andy and I really enjoyed these and plan to make them again next week for snacks! 


Later that morning, my sister called to ask if I would be interested in watching the girls for the afternoon while they headed out to grab lunch and run errands. I always jump at the chance to spend time with my favorite little girls, so I quickly showered and headed over to their house. 


It was easily one of the easiest babysitting jobs ever since both girls napped for 75% of the time that I was there. I took advantage of nap time by enjoying a cup of coffee and my latest book.


We headed back to the VW dealership bright and early on Monday morning to test drive the car once more before making our final decision. 


Once we decided that this was the perfect car for us, we headed back to the dealership to purchase it! The customer service at this location was outstanding and it honestly made it such a great experience for both of us! 


After paying and signing everything, we were both starving so we swung by Chick-Fil-A on the way home for a late lunch! I always joke that I'm a vegetarian 95% of the time only because of Chick-Fil-A! Their grilled chicken cool wrap with honey mustard is my favorite! 

It feels so good to be a 2-car family again -- sharing a car worked for a few days, I think we're both a little too independent to share one vehicle! 

Favorite part of the holiday weekend?
Favorite vehicle that you've owned?