Bocce Ball + Football

On Friday evening after work, we headed over to Pinstripes for Andy's company's holiday party! It was so fun to meet all of his coworkers and learn more about their part in the company.


They also had bocce ball reserved for us -- I'm a fan of the game but had never played it indoors before! It was a little trickier since there wasn't any grass to slow the balls down, but after a practice round, I got the hang of it.


We left the house bright and early on Saturday morning for an appointment and then hit Jason's Deli for lunch since we were in the area! Their salad bar is my absolutely favorite and it never disappoints! 


Afterwards, we ran to Costco for a few items and I kept commenting on how good it felt to wear real shoes instead of boots! It's been in the low 40s these past few days, which has felt oh so good after many days in the negatives! On our way out of Costco, we ran into my friend Molly, her husband, and her new little baby, Liam! It was so fun to see her (we used to be in a small group together) and meet her little guy! 


On the way home we swung by Target to get a few things that we don't get at Costco. I pretty much get the same staples each week: apples, lemons + limes, cucumber, carrots, olives, avocado, spring mix, frozen burritos, tomatoes, beans, and bananas. I like to mix and match a lot of these items to create different meals each week.


On Sunday, I whizzed through a new library book and then continued reading another one while we watched the Vikings game. They won the game in the last 10 seconds last week, so it was a nail-biting experience this week! It's hard to believe the Superbowl is coming up so soon and that we are hosting this year! 

Which team are you cheering for in this year's Superbowl?
What's your favorite salad topping?