A Reintroduction

Last week, my friend hosted a reintroduction linkup and although I'm a little late to the party, I thought it sounded like such a fun blog topic! 


I'm Laura and I've lived in Minnesota all my life -- most people think I'm crazy for saying this, but I really enjoy our winters here. Okay, so maybe not the -14 degree days, but give me a blizzard and 30 degrees any day! That being said, my favorite season is fall and all that comes with it -- apple orchards, pretty leaves, crisp air, and everything pumpkin spice.


My husband, Andy, and I met back in 2008 when he visited my school for a portfolio review. The night before, I was adding a bunch of alumni on Facebook, hoping to network with them and land an internship before the fall semester started up. Andy happened to be one of the alumni that I added and I was surprised when he messaged me upon accepting my friend request. He had mentioned that he liked the albums from my recent trip to Italy and that he had recently visited there with his brother, too. We were both surprised when he showed up the next day for my Design III portfolio review (neither of us knew that each other would be there).


We hung out on and off throughout the summer, and then I ended up interning at the same design firm where he worked. We also later realized that we were both in Italy the EXACT same week. How crazy is that?!


We were married on October 15, 2011 at the Bigelow Chapel inside of the United Theological Seminary in New Brighton, Minnesota. Click here to read about our wedding ceremony.


Although we couldn't have been more opposite as kids, my sister is one of my favorite people. Now that we're both grown up, we've become really good friends and enjoy going out for froyo, browsing the mall, and just hanging out at her house. I'm trying to convince Andy that we should move to the neighborhood next to her's this year -- we'll see if that pans out! Work has been crazy busy lately, but during normal months, I like to try to stop by to see her and her little family every other week or so! We have a very similar sense of humor, so we're always sending each other funny things via text or talking about our favorite shows (American Housewife and Grey's).


I met my best friend when I was in 8th grade -- our moms knew each other from Bible study at church and thought that we might hit it off. We may not live in the same neighborhood anymore, but we're still the best of friends no matter the miles. Allie and her new husband. Christian, live in Hawaii and they're both dolphin trainers -- how cool is that?!


I've been down there to visit her a couple times, and I just got to see her again this past August for her wedding here in St. Paul, MN! 

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I'm a senior designer at a product design studio and spend my days using my illustration and handlettering skills on a variety of products for clients such as Ulta Beauty, Papersource, Caribou Coffee, etc. 

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Another one of my passions is psychology; I love analyzing personalities, researching the reasons behind why we do what we do, and personal development. One day, I would love to be a life coach, therapist, or counsel those with psychosomatic (mind-body) disorders.


I've been a bookworm all my life and on average, read five books per month. I'll read anything but my favorites are mysteries, psychology / personal development books, and books about French culture. Click here to check out my past book reviews.

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I live a very active life and enjoy lifting weights, rollerblading, and playing tennis. I toyed with snowboarding for a bit while in high school / college and would love to one day get back into that. I also used to be in all kinds of dance classes -- tap was my absolute favorite! You may read more about my fitness journey by clicking here.


I also love dressing up, happy hours with girlfriends, going on adventures with Andy, and cooking healthy meals.

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