November 2018 Books

I only read one book in October so I’m merging that book in with the stack that I read during the month of November. Don’t forget, you may view all of my past book reviews by clicking here.


The Other Woman // Sandie Jones
This book was SO good! I whipped through this in just a day and a half because I couldn’t put it down. I ended up guessing the ending but it was still an entertaining read — the story really reminded me of a “made for tv” type of movie! It covers the tale of a woman who is engaged to a man with a crazy mother — some of the events that happened were just nuts!

The Gospel Comes with a House Key // Rosaria Butterfield
I was so excited when this book became available after being on my “holds” list at the library for awhile and wanted to love it but I just didn’t! I quickly realized that the author and I hold very different viewpoints on things and it was hard for me to power through this one because there were a lot of things that bothered me. Normally, I have no problem reading books that have different views than my own but it was something about the tone of voice (for lack of better words) that just didn’t sit well with me. Originally, I was excited about this one since it’s all about the importance of hospitality, but I would recommend this book (easily one of the best books I’ve read) instead if you’re interested in that topic.

Ina May’s Guide to Breastfeeding // Ina May Gaskin
I figured I should probably start doing a little prep for baby since he is making his grand debut in just one month. Since I literally knew nothing about breastfeeding, I figured this book was worth a read. I had intended to just flip through this one mainly due to the fact that yes, I’m all for breastfeeding but am not one of those moms that is super passionate about all that it entails. Well, I was in for quite a surprise because I LOVED this book so much! It was so fascinating and I read it cover-to-cover over the course of a week. I learned so much about the benefits, statistics, and process of feeding your baby naturally and let’s just say I’m a believer! One of the most interesting tidbits that I learned was that if you have a preemie baby, your body will produce a different kind of milk that is loaded with nutrients that a preemie needs and will then switch to regular milk once your baby is no longer a preemie. How amazing is that?! I’ve already requested her other book at the library and am really hoping it comes in before January!

Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders
Hi, I’m Laura and I’m obsessed with reading about anything psychology-related. I picked this book up on a whim because I love reading textbook style books — I think it’s the learner in me. Anyway, I browsed through this and of course found it fascinating because I just love learning about the human mind. When I was in school, I used to read through unassigned chapters of my textbooks just for fun — such a nerdie thing to do, but hey!

This is Me // Chrissy Metz
After so much resilience, I started watching This Is Us two summers ago — catching up on episodes before season 2 started. At first glance, I didn’t think it would be my type of show (too many emotions, ha ha), but after my sister giving it rave reviews, I ended up giving it a shot and loved it. Chrissy Metz plays Kate and it was so interesting to learn more about her background — what her life was like before the show, and how the show has affected her. Would definitely recommend this one if you love this show!

The Vaccine Book // Robert W. Sears
This was another baby prep book that I quickly became super fascinated with. There were two vaccines that popped up during my pregnancy that made me realize I needed to do some research on vaccines before our little dude arrives and this book was really helpful. The statistics, breakdown of each vaccine, and story behind each one was so interesting to me (again, I love that textbook type of data) and I’d highly recommend this one if you’re looking to learn more about vaccinations and babies / children.

It’s Not Supposed to Be This Way // Lysa TerKeurst
I whizzed through this book while at B&N on Thanksgiving Eve and it was just one of those books that you randomly pick up and it ends up being the EXACT thing you need to read in that moment. There’s also a study guide that goes with it and I’m thinking I might pick it up to do while I’m home on maternity leave next month and have a little more time. That being said, having “more time” will probably be the understatement of the year since I’ll be taking care of baby all day but I think it’s super important to still have hobbies even as a parent. :)

Real Food for Pregnancy // Lily Nichols
It was a little late in the game to read this book at 8.5 months pregnant last month, but I love learning about nutrition and really enjoyed reading this book. A lot of it was knowledge I felt that I already knew, but there were enough new little tidbits that made it worth reading.

What’s one book you’re read recently?
Do you prefer fiction or non-fiction?