Pregnancy Weeks 30-33

How far along:
33 weeks! (This was pre-written awhile ago, I’m currently 37 weeks!)

Size of Baby:
Pineapple! (17 inches)



His punches and kicks are definitely getting stronger and there’s a lot less tumbling around since he is starting to run out of room in there.

This has been SO botchy due to the allergy situation — I almost feel like I’ll sleep better with a newborn schedule if the rash goes away because at least the sleep I will be getting won’t be painful.


SO much swelling! My legs feel really puffy and swollen most days even while wearing compression socks. I have lines on my wrist from water retention and the rings have been off for the past month or so. Also, lack of appetite / things sounding good despite being increasingly more hungry than usual.

Bump / Body:

Bump continues to get bigger every week!

Maternity Clothes: 

A lot of jeans, tees, and cardigans are in heavy rotation right now as it gets colder outside and there’s a select number of items in my closet that I still feel comfortable in.


Cereal, fruit, PB — same as the last 4 week update!


Still on my prenatal, folic acid, prenatal fish oil, and vitamin D. I’ll continue on these after baby as wel!


My new treadmill arrived, so I’ve been using that multiple days per week — it has been SO nice to have this option at home.

Missing Most:

Sleeping on my stomach, non-maternity clothes!


Andy has started painting his dresser white so it matches his crib and nightstand. We also ordered a TON of baby gear around Black Friday time so we just need to sort through that and get organized before he arrives.

Favorite Products:

Loving his new recliner — often times I will sit in it and sip coffee while reading on Saturday mornings.


Favorite Moments:

Loving all of the kicks and seeing glimpses into his personality. Not sure if it’s a coincidence or not, but if we talk about him, sometimes he moves immediately afterwards! ha ha. Also, washing a bunch of his little clothes, toys, and blankies has been such a fun experience — everything is SO cute and SO tiny!

Can't Wait For:

I’m counting down the days until he arrives! I’m SO looking forward to January and just staying home to cuddle and take care of a sweet little baby all day.