What's Up Wednesday #13

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What we’re eating this week:

I’ve reached a weird “blah” state about food — I noticed that this started around the beginning of my third trimester. I don’t feel like cooking and nothing really sounds good so I’ve been eating a lot of egg sandwiches, salads, stir fry, fruit, cereal, and yogurt.

What I’m reminiscing about:

Lots of snow for the holidays! I keep wishing for a really good blizzard because last year we didn’t get a good dumping until right after the holidays! We got some significant snowfall a few weekends ago, but it’s been so warm lately that it has almost all melted!

What I’m loving:

Christmas decorations everywhere we go — the grocery stores, shopping malls, and lights on houses. I have a chiro appointment on Thursday after work and I’m thinking of driving through a few neighborhoods on the way home since there are lots of festive houses in that area.

Speaking of which, I just started seeing a new chiropractor that was recommended to me. I had such a great chiropractic office when we lived on the other side of town — they helped me SO much with all of my sports-related alignment issues when I was on my intense training plan. This new clinic is VERY similar to my old one and I already feel so at home there — they are helping me with a few pregnancy-related alignment issues as we get ready for baby to be born and it feels so good to get back into being adjusted again!

What we’ve been up to:

Prepping for baby, getting ready for the holidays, and enjoying the season!

What I’m dreading:

Nothing really!


What I’m working on:

Winding down at work and getting ready for our new chapter of life with a little one. We started grocery delivery last weekend and it has been SO nice! I was able to do a workout at home and as soon as I came upstairs, my groceries were on my front steps — it felt like such a treat to not have to brave the weekend crowds! This is going to be so handy once baby is here — no need to take him out to the stores when it is freezing outside!

What I’m excited about:


What I’m watching / reading:

I haven’t been watching much tv lately — I’m still riding that nap train after work, so most of my evenings are spent making a quick dinner, taking a nap, having a snack, then going to bed for real. I’ve been reading super random books that I find really fascinating such as this one.

What I’m listening to:

Christmas playlists and the local Christmas radio station whenever I’m in the car. I’ve also been really into playing the “Christmas Jazz” station whenever we’re home. Oh, and this guy has a new album and it’s so good! We’ve also gotten into the habit of playing Christmas music in our master bathroom while we get ready for work, which has been so fun!

What I’m wearing:

Basically the same six outfits on repeat, ha ha. Just a few more weeks of maternity clothes so I’m not planning on purchasing anything new. I did order a new robe for the hospital and our early weeks at home, but other than that, I’m really looking forward to being back to normal clothes aka all the J.Crew sweaters and jeans with real zippers and buttons.

What I’m doing this weekend:

I’m kicking off my Christmas break with a prenatal massage on Saturday morning. I got my hair cut last weekend and I’m thinking of maybe getting a brow wax sometime after Christmas — I just feel like it’s going to be tricky to get out of the house the first few weeks so I’m trying to take care of a bunch of things before he arrives!

What I’m looking forward to next month:


What else is new:

We’re just three weeks away from his due date!