Friday No. 29

I’m really looking forward to this weekend — there will be some sugar cookie decorating, baby prep (I think we’re going to assemble his stroller and install the car seat bases and baby mirrors into both vehicles), followed by lots of relaxation with my feet up. I’m also determined to finish the scarf that I started last winter! Also, I’m linking up today to share some thoughts for Friday — have a great weekend!


1. I’ve started packing our hospital bags — well, more like creating a pile in the corner of our master bedroom with some of the items we’ll be bringing with us. One of my friends gave me this clever gift at my baby shower — it’s a little kit that contains all the essentials to bring in your hospital bag!

2. I think our little guy is getting ready for his birthday because he has definitely dropped in the past few days. The top of my bump isn’t rock hard anymore (it kind of feels empty up there? so weird) and I can tell that baby is sitting much lower than usual. Whether he comes early or not, we are four weeks and a handful of days away from his due date!

3. We still have quite the stack of Christmas movies to work through this season so I’m thinking that an evening of pizza on the couch is going to happen this weekend while we watch a few more of our favorites. We’ve already watched Home Alone 1 & 2, but this classic is a must each year!


4. I’ve been tossing a load of baby laundry into the wash every few days in preparation of his arrival. The other day when I popped the dryer open and was greeted by this adorable sight, it made my heart so happy!


5. These seasonal flavored rx protein bars have been a favorite! I’m still steering clear of whey protein while pregnant, so these bars have been the perfect replacement for when I need a quick snack on the go.

6. It feels so surreal to already be at this point in the pregnancy — my OB told me the other day that he could literally come at any time and he’s reached the point where even if he came a few weeks early, he would still thrive. So crazy to think that what once was a baby the size of a jellybean is now over 18 inches tall!

What are you up to this weekend?
What date do you think Little Pang will make his appearance?