December 2018 Goals

Well, it may be mid-December but better late than never to chat about some goals before we enter into a brand new year, right?

November Goals Check-In:
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1. Put up our Christmas tree!
Done! We purchased a new one on Black Friday since our other one was too small for the space. We moved that one near the bottom of our staircase and put the new one up in our living room. We don’t have all of the ornaments up and they most likely won’t make it to the tree this year, but it is what it is!

2. Tackle baby to-do’s:
We haven’t ordered a crib mattress yet, but we did order his baby book, purchase a recliner for his nursery, figure out diaper organization, and paint his dresser!

3. Meet our Pediatrician
Done! We love our new clinic and doctor that he will be seeing for all of his check-ups! I had several friends recommend this clinic to us and we couldn’t be happier so far since they are in alignment with our views on baby / child health.

4. Finish ALL Christmas Shopping and Wrapping
Done! This feels so good!

5. Go on a Holiday-Themed Date with Andy
We went on a weekday date and a holiday day date!

December 2018 Goals:

1. Finish Packing Our Hospital Bags
I’d say we’re about 80 percent packed — some of the items will be thrown in last minute since a lot of the toiletries (makeup, hair products, etc.) are still being used daily.

2. Go on Dates Before Baby Arrives
This is our last month to go out just the two of us without needing to book a babysitter or bring little guy with us! SO crazy to think that it will never be just the two of us again but we are so looking forward to having our little sidekick join us.

3. Fill Out My Tentative Birth Plan
I’m not one that is super gung-ho about things going down a specific way, but there are a few things I’d like to make note of that are important to us.

4. Clean Off My iPhone
My phone is constantly reminding me that I have too many apps and photos on it so I’d love to start the new year with a clean slate AND have tons of room to snap lots of photos of our sweet little newborn!

5. Nursery Prep
I’d love to hang his bookshelves and put away all of his clothes before he arrives. Fingers crossed we can knock this out next weekend.

What’s something you’d love to accomplish this month?
Favorite tradition to partake in during the month of December?