Sister Birthday Date

My sister and I are three years and two days apart, so we always try to have some sort of "sister birthday date" each year! This year, my sister suggested going out for brunch and I happily agreed! 


Andrea arrived at our house on Saturday morning and we exchanged gifts before heading out the door. She gave me a glass water bottle (definitely checking this off of my March goals), a pretty rose gold bracelet, and my favorite Easter candy! 


We headed to Birch's on the Lake and it had the prettiest views out the back windows! I'd definitely like to go back for a date night with Andy sometime! 


I saw that the pancakes came with fresh blueberries and whipped lemon ricotta and I was instantly sold. I hadn't had pancakes in forever and they hit the spot! It was so fun to catch up with my sister over brunch -- I need more brunch dates in my life! 

After brunch, we headed over to walk around downtown Wayzata -- it was a balmy 45 degrees and it felt so good to get some fresh air after being cooped up all winter. As I was writing this post, I remembered that Andy and I spent part of my birthday in Wayzata last year as well! 


Next up was some shopping -- we headed to a local outdoor mall to check out DSW, J.Crew Mercantile, and TJ Maxx. We also made a stop for froyo halfway through -- Yogurtlab never disappoints! I almost always get the same concoction: coconut or marshmallow froyo + oreos + sprinkles + coconut + whipped cream + one frosted animal cookie.


We didn't really find anything, but I did love these Kate Spade shoes -- they're so pretty and perfect for spring! 

After shopping, I came home and ended up taking a two-hour nap -- Daylight Savings time really took me for a loop this year and I feel like I've been dragging all week! I’m hoping this next week is a little easier on the adjustment front!

How do you feel about Daylight Savings? 

Favorite thing to order for brunch?