10 Random Facts About Me Vol. 8

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1. One of my hidden talents in Hammerschlagen -- I discovered this skill that I had while working at an agency that had an annual tournament in the office. I signed up to play and eventually found myself in 2nd place out of the whole agency.

2. I love planning and hosting events such as girls nights, holidays, etc. but things like planning a wedding or a trip are definitely not my favorite. I think I prefer to plan smaller scale events! 

3. I was diagnosed with exercise-induced asthma in high school and eventually grew out of it -- I haven't used my inhaler in years but used to need it on the regular.

4. One of my life goals is to be a contestant on Wheel of Fortune. I love trying to solve the puzzles before the contestants on TV do! 

5. I've had a very touchy stomach all my life and will throw up if I'm really stressed out.

6. I also used to be allergic to red dye #40 and #5 and grew out of it, which works out well since sour / fruity candy is my favorite.

7. I'm more productive between 6am and 1pm than I am all day; however, I still don't like working out in the morning. 

8. I used to run 5 miles almost every evening in high school as a way to build up endurance for my long stretches of teach dance classes -- I eventually quit dance and switched to running instead.

9. My all-time favorite color to paint my nails is light pink -- every time I get a pedicure, I choose the exact same shade. It just goes with everything! 

10. The order in which I like the seasons is Fall, Winter, Spring, and then Summer. As a person that loves change, I really enjoy living in a state that has very distinct seasons.

What are some random facts about you?
Do we have any of the above in common?