My HIIT Workouts - Sprints, Cardio, + Circuits

I had a reader request that I do a post on my go-to HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) workouts! I used to do these a TON and really enjoyed them, but then put these on the back burner for awhile when I decided to up my traditional strength-training game. If traditional weightlifting is more your thing, be sure to check out this post on my weight room routine.

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The thing about HIIT workouts is that you really get more bang for your buck -- they're using shorter, more intense, and more challenging than a regular workout. Plus, the best part is that it keeps your body burning calories throughout the day even after you're done with your workout! 

There are three types of HIIT workouts that I do / have done in the past:

These are SO effective! Seriously, if you're looking for fast results and you want a short workout, this is the one for you. For these, I would set the treadmill speed at 11-12mph, do an all-out sprint for 30 seconds, and then jump onto the sides of the treadmill (so I was straddling the belt) and rest for 30 seconds. I would then repeat this for 16 rounds total -- this is definitely one that you'll want to build up to -- start with 6-8 rounds and work your way up. 

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I purchased two workout plans from Kayla Itsines (I believe her programs have now moved to an app rather than a PDF download) and I really enjoyed it! The workouts started to get a little repetitive towards the end of the second workout plan, but overall, this program really helped me to tone up overall and gave me definition in my abs! All of these workouts are little circuits using dumbells, a jump rope, BOSU ball, and a bench. The best part? All of them are only 28 minutes! 

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I also like to make up little HIIT workouts using different cardio machines -- switching between a challenging mode and then an easy one (similar to how I do my treadmill sprints above), makes it easy to use a new machine to switch things up. I love doing intervals on the elliptical, bike, or stairstepper. Another great workout is to hit your local highschool track to run the bleachers, do sprints around the track, and complete lunges, jumps, and calf raises on the steps! 

Favorite type of HIIT workout?
Any other types of posts you'd like to me cover? (Doesn't have to be fitness related)