A Weekend At My Sister's

I spent this past weekend dog-sitting at my sister's house and it was seriously just what I needed! She and her little family had plans to go camping with her in-laws and I jumped at the chance to stay at her house and take care of Hurley. Her dog is super low-key so all I had to do was let him out a few times and feed him -- piece of cake! 

I headed over to her place on Friday evening with a big bag of groceries and got to work cutting up some veggies and doing a little meal prep for the week and for dinner that evening. I also whipped up a batch of my favorite pumpkin bread and popped that in the oven just as Andy arrived.


Andy wanted pizza and I was hungry for a veggie stir fry, so after the pumpkin bread was done, I put the pizza in the oven and then tossed all of the cut up veggies into a large pan and later added some sauce and peanuts. I love my stir fry veggies to be a little crisp and this meal did not disappoint! This one contained red onion, broccoli, brussel sprouts, carrots, red pepper, and zoodles.


After dinner, we made some homemade popcorn and settled in on the couch for a movie. We ended up watching this one and we both enjoyed it so much! 


The next morning, I enjoyed a piece of the pumpkin bread and relaxed for a bit before heading outside for a long walk.


I walked over to the neighborhood where we had originally put an offer in on a house and it was so fun to walk through this area even though we didn't end up choosing this house in the end. It was also sunny and unseasonably cool as I headed out for a walk and it felt SO good! September can't come soon enough for this fall-loving girl! 

Are you ready for fall or are you savoring summer?
Favorite stir fry ingredients?