Friday No. 23

1. Last weekend was boiling hot, then it cooled way down (today is 56 for the high) and has poured / stormed all week long. This weekend’s weather looks absolutely perfect with sunshine and mid-60s for highs and you’d better believe I’m going to be soaking up every minute of it. I’m hoping to go for a run or two and maybe look for some planters for our front porch.

2. Last night I watched one of my favorite movies that I watch every fall — I feel like it’s the perfect one to watch in September! I’m also really looking forward to having all the seasonal shows / movies start up soon! Speaking of which, Grey’s and a bunch of others start next week - I can hardly wait!

3. I ordered these crib sheets for the nursery and I can’t wait to put them on his little mattress! I’m hoping to wrap up our registries this weekend and then start focusing on decorating his nursery.

4. I finally got around to a fall manicure and I am loving this deep hue for September!

5. I think we finally decided on a paint color after painting swatches of sample cans up on our walls. Choosing a paint color is hard, but I feel like being designers adds an extra level to the equation! We’re (aka Andy) going to paint our living room this color to see how the room looks and if we love it, we’ll do the rest of our main level this color.

What does your weekend look like?
Favorite fall nail color?