Pregnancy Weeks 18-21

I have a recap of weeks 18-21 of my pregnancy today! In case you’re just catching up, below are some of my other pregnancy-related posts! This is the last pre-written recap — any that follow will be written in real-time. :)

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How far along: 

21 weeks (This post was pre-written a few weeks ago; I’m currently 24 weeks!)

Size of Baby: 

Carrots (10.5 inches)


We are so excited for our little BOY! We usually call him Little Pang but occasionally call him by the name (and nicknames) that we’ve chosen for him.


This little guy started moving around at about 18 weeks — it started out as light movements and now it’s full-on kicks and acrobatics. He definitely has his own little sleep + activity schedule that he follows each and every day: super active around 5am, after I eat (especially if it’s fruit), around 5pm, and then right before I go to bed. My doctor told me that babies usually sleep during the day because our day-to-day movements rock them to sleep, and then they wake up when we finally relax (while sitting on the couch, laying in bed, etc.). How cool is that?!

Feeling him move has been so reassuring — it’s so nice to know that he’s okay in there! I swear, those first few months where you only see your doctor once per month for a heartbeat check are a little nerve-wracking at times!


I’ve been sleeping so well — especially since ordering this pillow! I was having a lot of low back pain and it went away a few nights into using this!

Still having some hypoglycemia issues if I don’t eat enough or often enough — I plan to talk to my doctor about some suggestions for this because it’s kind of scary when it happens! I’m still crazy thirsty all of the time and a little more hungry than usual — I’m still eating a big snack before bed to help me sleep through the night.

It’s getting more challenging to stand for long periods of time and I find myself preferring to sit just because the bottoms of my feet start to ache so much. I’ve definitely felt more emotional over the last few weeks which feels really foreign to me — for example, there have been tears over the most minor things (um, crying because I was hungry and nothing sounded good? hahaha). I’ve also been experiencing a lot of acne on my belly but it seems to come and go — some weeks my skin is clear, while the next it has breakouts — so bizarre!

Bump / Body:

My little bump finally started making an appearance around 18 weeks! I can still see my upper abs but otherwise my body is a lot softer than it used to be.

Maternity Clothes: 

I feel like I’m still in a weird transition stage — there’s a small bump there, but it’s not a big, round pregnant belly yet! It definitely looks like a real baby bump after I’ve eaten a larger meal though!


I was just telling Andy the other night that I really don’t have any cravings! The OJ craving seems to have dissipated and I really don’t have a hankering for anything in particular. I eat a relatively clean and balanced diet so I’m wondering if this is what is helping keep cravings at bay.


Still on my prenatal, folic acid, prenatal fish oil, and vitamin D. 

I decided to freeze my gym membership because between working full-time and the fatigue I’ve been experiencing, it just wasn’t happening. Plus, I keep feeling so burnt out from the gym — this is something that I’ve been struggling with for the past year or two. Instead, I’ve gotten back into running and it feels so good, which I’m actually surprised by because the idea of running while pregnant doesn’t sound that enticing. I’ve been running 4-5 days per week and look forward to continuing this fitness routine as long as my body is able to. I also go for a 45-60 minute walk almost every day as well.

Missing Most: 

The other day I came across this super cute sweatshirt and then realized it probably wouldn’t fit me for much longer — I might still purchase it so I can wear it for a few weeks and then save it for next fall because I love it so much! I feel like this would be a perfect top for heading out and about on a weekend. I haven’t been wearing any maternity items except for my jeans and a pair of black skinnies, but I will say that I will miss wearing my favorite sweaters this fall. I’m looking forward to picking up a few maternity ones so I can still wear fall attire as it gets chillier.



Andy picked out his crib and we both love it! Now that it is set up, I find myself walking by his nursery in the mornings or glancing into his room from the landing of our staircase. I feel like having a crib set up has made it feel so much more real! We still need to purchase a crib mattress, recliner and a dresser but it’s starting to come together! We’re really looking forward to adding some decorations these next few months as well!

Favorite Products:

This pregnancy pillow!

Favorite Moments:

Our anatomy scan was definitely a highlight of the pregnancy for us — it was so neat to see our little guy moving around on the screen while the ultrasound tech checked each part of his little body out. It was also crazy to see him as a 10 inch baby since the last time we saw him on an ultrasound, he was about the size of my thumb!

I’ve really been enjoying choosing clothes for him — we started a Pinterest board just for him with a separate section for style, too! Andy and I both dress in a classic, slightly preppy style and therefore I’m not surprised that our little guy’s style board features a lot of crew-neck sweaters, stripes, gingham, vests, jackets, and the color navy.

Can't Wait For:

Having him home with us!

Other things of note:

We are so glad that we chose to find out the gender of our baby — we decided not to have a gender reveal party and ended up having our own special celebration with just the two of us. We ate cupcakes, looked at the CD of images from his anatomy scan, and went for a long walk while discussing different baby name combinations. Knowing that our little baby is a boy has helped us feel more connected to him and it’s made it easier to plan and purchase some of his gear. Also, can we just talk about how cute things with little dinosaurs are?!

What are your thoughts on finding out the gender of a baby? Yay or nay?
Favorite places to shop for baby gear or maternity clothes?