First Trimester Favorites

As I'm tying this up at 22 weeks pregnant, the first trimester feels so long ago! I keep a running list in the notes app on my phone where I recap each week of pregnancy in bullet points (symptoms, changes, etc.). This has made it super handy when I go to my monthly OB appointments -- I can simply look back at the list and recall what happened during which week.

Along with these weekly recaps, I've also kept lists of my favorite things during each trimester, thinking that it would be fun to share them on the blog! Below are my favorite things that helped me through the first 13 weeks! Click here for a recap of my first trimester! 


Orange Juice
My #1 craving throughout pregnancy so far! It has to be this Simply Orange brand with extra pulp.

Sour and Fruity Candies
It helped so much to pop one of these in my mouth whenever I felt nauseous at work. I'd also bring a couple to any meetings that I had in case nausea popped up when I was away from my desk and needed something to help tame it.

LaCroix + Citrus Slices
Lemon  / lime / grapefruit slices were added to huge cups of icy cold LaCroix. I started experiencing excessive thirst beginning at week 10, and this combo tasted SO good and helped keep the nausea at bay.

Goldfish Crackers
I kept these in my desk drawers at work, in the center console of my vehicle, and in my purse at all times to help with nausea.

Essential Oils
Taking a quick whiff of these helped when I was feeling especially queasy. While at home, I diffused the lemon and peppermint oils daily.

Belly Butter
I started using this belly butter around week 10, which was probably pointless because I had no sign of a baby bump until week 18, but better safe than sorry! I apply it every morning after I get out of the shower and every evening before bed.

During weeks 6-9ish, I went through a phase where I couldn't stand the taste of water. Lemon lime gatorade was the only thing that tasted good so I mixed it 50 / 50 with water to stay hydrated.

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What's your best nausea remedy?
If you've been pregnant, how was your first trimester?