Friday No. 22

1. Things have been quiet at work this week, so I decided to leave early yesterday and take today off. As I turned into our neighborhood, I noticed a few garage sale signs so I figured I'd swing by since we live near a lot of young families. I'm normally not a second-hand kind of person but I figured with how much babies spit up and poop, it'd be nice to have lots of clothes that we're okay with tossing if they get ruined. I ended up lucking out because they had tons of like-new size 0-3 month clothes -- I got a whole bag full of onesies and pants for $2.50. Cha-ching.

2. After typing up that little story above, I'm realizing we really need to announce the gender because then I can start showing pics of little baby's gear! We didn't end up purchasing an outfit for a gender reveal last weekend, but we did purchase a crib! I'm so excited to set that up together this weekend! 

3. Our weather has totally flipped to fall and to say I'm loving it is the understatement of the year. Windows are open, booties are on my feet, and long sleeves are being worn! Speaking of which, I really need to pick up some maternity items for fall -- I'd love to add a few sweaters, long-sleeved tees, and another cardigan to my closet as the temps get cooler. I've got my eye on this shirt and would love to find a cute vest like this to pair it with! I'm also thinking these might have to come home with me soon because my favorite Lulus are getting a little uncomfortable in the waistband! 

4. Since I have the day off, I'm really looking forward to spending some time with my sister and her girls, restocking our fridge, baking pumpkin bread for our neighborhood block party tomorrow, and having a movie night with Andy tonight. I'm also hoping to spend some time reading out on our porch or deck since it's is going to be 70 and clear skies!

5. I caved and ordered this earlier in the week because my lower back has been killing me. One night in and I quickly realized why this has such a cult-like following. Game-changer! 

What are your weekend plans? My small group starts up tomorrow and we're also going to hit some Parade of Home throughout the weekend! 
Last thing you ordered off of Amazon?