Baby Sale, Errands, and House Projects

I snapped this pic last Thursday and felt like our front porch was looking so bare. However, we’ve been experiencing cooler than usual temps (i.e. highs in the low 50s and I’m not complaining — I’ll take this over 85 degrees and humid any day!), so I’ve kind of made the decision to skip decorating our porch for fall this year and instead will do some sort of holiday decor instead.


My main reason for this is because I really wanted to get a few pots of mums for our front steps, but with how cold it’s been, I’m worried they’ll freeze in just a couple weeks. My boss said you can throw a towel on them overnight, but I’m not the greatest with plants so I think we’ll hold off for now. We’ve never had a true front porch before so I’m looking forward to scouring Pinterest for some holiday decor ideas as we start to get settled and begin decorating our new home for the seasons!


On Friday evening, I headed down to our hometown with my sister for a huge baby sale that was going on. My sister has always raved about this semi-annual sale that contains tons of kid and baby items — anything from high chairs to clothes to toys.


It was a little overwhelming at first, but once I got my lay of the land, I was able to find a few things that will be perfect for our little guy. First up was a bassinet for our bedroom — we plan to have him sleep in our room for the first couple of months since he will be so tiny and not on a regular sleep schedule yet.


I also found some adorable clothes for him — including this cute little outfit that I put together based on a bunch of items that I found (a lot of the items still had tags on them too — bonus!). Andy was at a friend’s house but I texted him this picture to show him that I had found a navy gingham shirt just like his for our baby!

The next morning, we headed out to take a look at baby travel systems (stroller + carseat combos) and ended up finding one that we loved! It feels so good to have this checked off the list — we just need to purchase a recliner and a dresser for his nursery and then all of the big baby purchases will be done! I’ll be sure to share his nursery once we have it all set up — we are really excited about how it is turning out.


Afterwards, we contemplated going out for brunch (aka we really wanted waffles / pancakes) but then decided to just power through our errands and head home so Andy could install our new storm door and start painting the fireplace. I returned some books and picked up a few new ones at the library and I must say, it has been so fun picking a few children’s books each week. Since our baby is able to hear outside noises and recognize our voices, we have gotten into the habit of reading a few kid’s books aloud to him throughout the week.


One quick Costco run and then we headed home for some lunch! I ended up taking a long nap afterwards while Andy worked on the house projects. I’ve been SO exhausted lately and the nap felt so refreshing!


Later that evening, we made some popcorn and watched tv together — it felt good to have a relaxing night at home after a busy work week.

On Sunday, I was up bright and early so I did our grocery shopping right away and it was so nice to be at the store while it was basically empty. While shopping, I realized it had been far too long since I’ve had some ice cream so this tub of Breyer’s was tossed into the cart at the last minute. I stocked up on our usual haul and then headed home where I spent the majority of the afternoon taking yet another nap and reading.

Later that afternoon, I walked to my sister’s house to drop off a few things for her and stayed to chat for a bit with her and the girls before heading back home — I’ll probably say this a million times over the course of the next few years but it’s SO nice living within walking distance of her!

When I arrived home, Andy was almost done with the primer on the fireplace and it is already looking SO good in white as opposed to the oak color it was before! We can’t wait to see how nice and bright it looks when it adds the actual white paint! I’ll be sure to share some before / afters once the project is complete. 

As usual, it felt like the weekend flew by way too quickly but we’ve got a a few fun things on the calendar over the next week so I’m looking forward to all that is to come as we kick off October 1st today!

Favorite ice cream flavor?
Any porch decorating tips?