October 2019 Goals

Is it just me or did September feel like the shortest month ever? Our calendar was filled to the brim and our October is looking just as full, but I feel like I thrive on being on-the-go, so we are rolling with it! Plus, the majority of our commitments are really fun ones this month! I’m popping in to share my goals for my favorite month of the year, but first, I’ll do a quick recap of my September goals.


September 2019 Goals:
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1. Really Solidify our Routines

Done! The nap / sleep schedule is really working wonders for us. We have also committed to a few other things this month such as a new Bible Study group for me, ECFE class for Fletcher, baby storytime at the library, Andy’s teaching design again (this is already his 4th year as an adjunct professor!), etc.

2. Start a New Tradition of a Fall Baking Day

This didn’t happen due to September being so busy but we are hoping to make it happen before my sister’s new baby arrives! We have, however, been baking a loaf of our favorite pumpkin bread every other week or so — that counts for something, right?

3. New Makeup

Done! I did a lot of research on this and ended up going with this line of makeup! I am really enjoying it!

4. Update Fletcher’s Baby Book

Done! This feels so good to have the months up to date. I still need to print photos to add, but the writing portions are done and I feel like that’s the hardest to stay on top of so I’m counting it as a win.

5. Participate in Our Favorite Fall Activities

Done! We did Parade of Homes, visited two apple orchards so far, drank PSLs, and have gone on lots of walks. We still need to go to a pumpkin patch, decorate the porch, and celebrate Fletcher’s first Halloween!

October 2019 Goals:

1. Schedule Carpet Install
We are replacing the carpet in our office and living room and we just need to get it scheduled so that we can start shopping for new living room furniture.

2. Practice Handlettering
I’ve been lettering more regularly and would like to keep practicing / improving this so that I can do some lettering for Fletcher’s baby dedication invitations, birthday party invitations, and our Christmas cards.

3. Wake Up Earlier
I’ve realized that I need to wake up an hour earlier each day if I want to accomplish everything that I need to do each day (work, routine house tasks, attend commitments, etc.). Hello, 5am — we will be meeting again soon!

4. Barnes & Noble Solo Date
I love going to B&N especially in the fall because it’s so fun to cozy up with an espresso drink and a good book! I’m thinking of making this happen on one of the evenings when Andy is home so he and Fletcher can spend time together.

5. Cull and Organize the Garage + Basement
I’d really like to sort through some of the boxes that we never unpacked when we first moved in last summer and get super organized before winter hits.

I’m super excited about this new month since it’s my very favorite — some of the things that I’m looking forward to this month include my 2nd Supper Club night with my girlfriends, a new Bible study group, Fletcher’s first Halloween, grabbing coffee with my former creative director, lunch with a friend from when I worked at Target, and a gallery reception at the college we attended!

What’s something you’d like to accomplish this month?
Favorite thing about the month of October?