Fletcher James: One Month

Fletcher James is already one month old! Part of me is a little sad about this, but I’m mostly really excited because as he gets older, he can do more and go on adventures with us.


I’m really making it a priority to savor this season and to really live in the moment so although his teeny tiny newborn days are already behind us, I’m loving our sweet time together with our little one month old!

I’m not sure if I’ll do these updates every month since a lot of this is already in his baby book, but for now we’ll roll with it. This monthly template was inspired by the one that one of my favorite bloggers uses for her kids. If you aren’t following her, be sure to check out her blog — she is the cutest, most intentional mama and I find her relationship with her husband and kids so inspiring!


Height + Weight:
He is 21 inches long and 7lb 13oz as of 2/14! Little guy has been packing on the pounds since birth!


Clothes + Diapers:
Fletcher is just starting to fit into his newborn clothes which has been so fun now that things are fitting him well! In the first few weeks, we had to roll a lot of his sleeves up and fold down the waistband of his pants in order to get them to fit. We had a few preemie onesies and those seemed to fit the best since he was just over 6 pounds when we brought him home! As for diapers, we used the newborn size this month, but looking back, I think it would have been a lot easier to buy a preemie pack or two since we had to fold down the waistband of the diapers for a few weeks in order to get them to fit! He’s a little peanut but he is growing so fast!


He’s a great little sleeper and that has honestly made having a newborn so much easier than we were anticipating. The majority of the time, we can put him in his bassinet awake and he will fall asleep on his own — once in awhile he struggles to soothe himself to sleep and it’s usually because his swaddle isn’t tight enough. If he’s swaddled even slightly too loose, he will grunt, wiggle, and cry until his arms are free and won’t give up until he has his hands in his mouth and is happily sucking on his fingers.

I’ve just started doing the whole “babywearing” thing mainly so I can walk on the treadmill in the mornings and he loves being in the baby wrap so, so much! He’s usually out like a light within minutes of me putting him in there and he will sleep in there for a good two hours or so while I go for a walk and then eat lunch. I swear, his best naps are in that wrap! He takes several naps throughout the day — some are little catnaps while others are a couple of hours.


We’re still playing around in this area since he’s still so little, but our day usually is a constant stream of eat, burp, change diaper, play, nap, repeat.


Sleeping on our chests, bouncing, having us sing to him, the hairdryer (this is our magic trick for getting him to stop crying — it literally works within seconds every single time!), reading books, listening to his lambie that plays music, his Pooh bear rattle, car rides, snuggling, getting his hair combed, sitting in his monkey chair, being wrapped up with his blankets.


Being picked up with cold hands, diaper changes, baths, being hungry, being overly tired, having lotion applied.


He can scoot around almost 360 degrees in a circle when he’s laying on the floor and he almost rolled over from his back to his tummy the other day! I couldn’t believe it since he is so young, but he was determined to reach a toy that he had accidentally batted away from him. He’s also started to cry real tears (when they’re a brand new baby, no tears come out!) and his neck is getting stronger every day!

IMG_4176 copy.jpg

Special Memories:
I’ve started a little tradition with him where we have an “adventure chat” before bed. I’ll lay with him on our bed and talk about all the things we are going to do together as he gets older — I started this one a whim one night and thought it was so funny how he looks me in the eyes and listens SO intently, so we’ve kept up the routine.


Pediatrician, chiropractor, Starbucks and Chick-Fil-A drive throughs (haha), pediatric dentist, and a visit with the OB that delivered him.