Fletcher James: Six Months

Our little Gus Gus is half of a year old!


Height + Weight:
26.5 inches and 14.5 pounds — I’m starting to really feel the weight of him getting bigger! I find that I have to keep switching which arm I hold him with after awhile.


Clothes + Diapers:
Fletcher is sporting size 3-6 months and size 6 months clothes most days! He’s also still in size 2 diapers


We started sleep training this month — it was hard at first since he would cry, but each night got a little easier. Once the evenings started going more smoothly, we started using this technique at nap time as well. Our sleep training technique goes something like this: bottle, read a book, say prayers, listen to his wind-up lambie lullaby song, lay down in crib while sleepy but still awake and say “it’s night night time, I love you”. We let him cry for 5 minutes, then go in and reassure him if necessary (say “it’s night night time, I love you” and rub his back to let him know we are still there). He usually fusses for a few more minutes and then he’s out! Once in awhile it takes two rounds of the reassurance but we don’t let him cry longer than 2 rounds of 5 minutes.


Still on the same routine of sleep, eat, play, etc. I’m going to really be more intentional about his sleep routines this fall since we have a lot more going on with work, school, etc.

Sitting in his new highchair while I’m cooking / doing dishes. I think he enjoys this because he is at counter-height, making it easier for him to feel included on what is happening in the kitchen. He’s also really been enjoying people — I hosted a dinner party this month and he was LOVING being around all the guests! Still super into books and toys as well!


Crawling! He is so fast and is scooting all over the place! We also started introducing foods — mainly organic fruit and veggie purees that we make at home. He also sat in the baby seat of the cart at Trader Joe’s and loved being able to watch all of the customers around us shop!


He has also been trying to hold his own bottle — this is hit or miss, depending on how full /heavy it is at the time. :)

Fletcher is really noticing when one of us leaves the room now and usually protests until we reappear.


Special Memories:
Sitting in the front seat of the cart was a fun experience! I also showed him a little talking / animated bunny at Barnes & Noble and he went crazy over it! The little bunny said “hello baby! peek-a-boo is fun with you!” while flapping its ears and he about lost his mind with excitement! It was the cutest thing ever.


He visited the dentist to get his teeth checked! We just love Dr. Amy!

We also went to his cousin Becca’s first dance recital — Fletcher enjoyed the music and watching Becca and her classmates in their performance.


His jeans finally fit him and it was so cute to see him wearing them with a long-sleeved pocket tee the other day!


Another trip to IKEA and MOA, lots of Costco trips, his book club each week, church, etc.


He continues to enjoy going on stroller rides to the local sports field to watch kids play lacrosse, soccer, and football in the evenings!

Fletcher James: Five Months

I’m one month behind on these but am determined to catch up by the end of the month so I can get back into blogging in real time!


Height + Weight: 

I’m not sure what his stats were for this month because our clinic skips the 5 month well check and goes from 4 months to 6 months! My guess is that he is around 14 pounds because he looks and feels bigger / taller to me!


It’s so fun to see more of his personality each month — he has become quite the little charmer!


Clothes + Diapers:

He’s in size 3 months and 3-6 months clothes, although the 3-6 months are still a little big at times! I packed up all of his newborn and 0-3 month clothes and they have been moved to the basement for storage — it was a little sad to see how much of his wardrobe he has outgrown. What they say about babies is so true — they really do grow up so fast!We bumped him up to size 2 diapers this month and they seem to be doing the trick!


He is awake more and more each day and has been sleeping through the night a few nights per week. We also moved him into his nursery since he was getting too tall for his bassinet — he’s also started rolling / moving in his sleep so the bassinet has been packed up and moved to the basement until baby #2 comes along.



He drinks around 4oz every 3ish hours — sometimes he will do 5ish oz especially during fussy teething evenings. He usually wakes up, eats, plays, takes a nap, repeat.



He loves going new places with us and also watching local sporting events — we have been walking to a sports field in the evenings after dinner to watch the big kids play and he is so enthralled with it. Still loves books, Little People playsets, teething toys for chewing, and a musical piano keyboard that my sister gave him. He’s just the happiest little thing!



Rolls from back to tummy, has two top teeth coming in, can sit for a few seconds unassisted, can scoot across the floor and in a circle, can ALMOST crawl — seriously, he is so close. He loves when we clap and praise him whenever he does his tricks, too — it is so cute! He also has been laughing more whenever we (especially Andy) are being silly with him). Most of his hair has grown back in and it is blonde — we’ve had fun spiking it into a little mohawk again!


He has also started getting into things — the other day I ran downstairs to put expressed milk in the fridge and he had scooted over to my pump and started chewing on the tubing!

IMG_7610 copy.jpg

Special Memories:

Completing the summer reading program at the library and earning a prize! Meeting Great Aunt Lori and second-cousin Karlie! Also, visiting Daddy at work, celebrating Father’s Day, and having a boys night with Daddy while I was out of town on an overnight work trip!



Starbucks with our friend Allie, first trip to the zoo, many trips to IKEA, more library visits, first trip to MOA for the 4th of July, first trip to Costco, and his first trip to church!

Fletcher's First 4th of July

We’ve never really been big 4th of July people — which I both love and am kinda bummed about at the same time. For one, it’s really nice to just have an extra summer day off but I also wish we had some patriotic traditions to partake in as well.

Here’s a recap of our 4th of July in 2018 and in 2017 (this post makes me miss my long hair!) if you’re interested!


This year, we kept it pretty low-key since Fletcher is still so little but I hope to incorporate some festive activities once he gets a little older so that he remembers Independence Day as one filled with lots of celebration and red, white, and blue!


Earlier in the week, his cousins came over for our first 4th of July photoshoot in matching Old Navy tees! We plan to make this an annual tradition with the cousins!


We’ve gone to the mall on the 4th in years past, so we decided to have Fletcher join us for his first trip to Mall of America.


The verdict? He LOVED it!


He loved the sights, the people, and experiencing things in the shops!


Some of the highlights were the LEGO store, the Disney store, and of course, Barnes & Noble due to the books!


We ran out of time to hit Nickelodeon Universe so we will most definitely be heading back so that he can experience that — we think he would really enjoy walking through the park and seeing all of the rides, characters, and kids.


While we were trying on shoes in Nordstrom, Fletcher added his own little festive flair of fireworks in his stroller! We had already changed him twice due to spitting up so he ended up leaving the mall in a soggy, drool-filled polo and a diaper since we ran out of clothes! Note to self — time to start putting 3+ outfits in his diaper bag when we are heading out for a full day!


All cleaned up and ready to head home!


Speaking of Independence Day, I’ve been enjoying using my lettering skills on our driveway! Here’s a patriotic themed one I did recently!

Do you have any special 4th of July traditions?

A Date with Fletcher

About a month ago, it worked out that I had four days off between my old job and my new one and it was so fun to spend those days with Fletcher! We spent our time together doing fun activities such as visiting Andy at work and attending Fletcher’s first book club!


On our last day at home together, we headed out for a little shopping date.


First, we shopped for some summer clothes for him since he’s quickly growing out of all of his 3 month clothes, which is what has fit him for the past few months. He was awake while we were shopping, so I held up each item and asked him if he liked it — it was so cute because he smiled each time I did this.


Next, we headed to Barnes & Noble to look at toys and read books in their B&N Jr. section — I had a feeling that he would love this and he did!


He loved looking at the toys — he always gets so excited whenever we show him something new, so I held things up for him and let him hold them as well.

Next, we picked out a few books and sat down in the children’s section to read — this was definitely my little bookworm’s favorite part of the day!


We purchased one of the books as a little souvenir from our special day together and then headed home to meet up with Andy, who was on his way home from work!


We decided to head to IKEA to pick up a few things and we ended up coming home with so many great finds.


Fletcher was all tuckered out from our afternoon adventure so he snoozed in the stroller the entire time!


We purchased an organization system for Fletcher’s closet (I’ll share this on the blog soon), drawer organizers, some bins for organizing underneath the cabinets in our master bathroom, and a few other things!

Fletcher's First Trip to the Library

Yesterday morning, I met my sister and my nieces at the library for the baby story time. I was originally planning on taking Fletcher to the library for the first time this week just to grab some books, but then when my sister told me that there was a special baby story event, we decided to attend that in addition to browsing the kids’ section of the library.


Fletcher dressed up for his first book club meeting and was very enthusiastic about having a special morning out with his cousins!


This was Fletcher’s first time attending anything like this and he LOVED it so much!


I was honestly surprised at how into it and attentive he was!


I was so proud of my little dude!


We sat in a circle with a bunch of other babies and followed along with our own copies of the books while the children’s librarian read them and did actions / sounds to go with them.

My friend Jenna and her adorable two-month old daughter, Lily, were there too — it was such a fun surprise especially since it was her first time attending this event as well.


We read three books and then there were some little games and things before they brought out a tub of toys and all the babies were living their best lives.


Becca and Chloe did the honor of entertaining Fletcher with the toys and he was enjoying it so much!


At one point, I looked down and saw that Becca had reached out and was holding Fletcher’s little hand. So sweet!


After the story time event was done, we headed into the children’s library area to check out a few books and then head out! Fletcher was getting really tired by this point — hence the look on his face, ha ha. He’s holding one of his very favorite toys — his godparents gave him this sweet little rattle toy and he just loves it so much!


Afterwards, we stopped for froyo since we were in the area, hung out for awhile, and then headed home.


We spent a good chunk of the afternoon reading some of the books that we checked out that morning.


It’s so fun to see this little bookworm getting so excited whenever we turn the page! This was the first of many library trips for Fletcher — I can’t wait to bring him again!

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