Birthday + Weekend Things

For my birthday last week, Andy took the day off to help with Fletcher so that I could head out to do some spring shopping in the afternoon. It ended up being a gorgeous day outside (sunny and almost 50 degrees) and it seriously made me so happy! I don’t think I’ve had a sunny birthday in over six years — it’s usually so cold, damp, and gray outside at the end of March! Here is my birthday recap from last year and the year before if you’re interested!


We all went out to lunch together and then the boys went home and I headed to an outdoor mall to look for some spring additions to my wardrobe since I head back to work next month. I ended up finding a ton of stuff at J.Crew, which wasn’t a huge surprise since it’s my favorite store! I just feel like their brand fits me the best in terms of style preference and sizing.

After checking out, I headed to Nordstrom Rack and found this perfect pair of tennies (in gray) to wear with jeans. I want to pick up one more pair of casual shoes for spring / summer and then I think I’ll be all set for awhile.


Once I was finished shopping, I swung by my favorite froyo shop to grab some cups of frozen yogurt for Andy and I. I went with my usual concoction of marshmallow froyo, Oreo crumbles, rainbow sprinkles, whipped cream, and one frosted animal cracker.

Upon arriving home, I went for a walk to the park and back (Andy stayed home with Fletcher since the wind had picked up a bit by this point) and it felt SO good to get some fresh air!

Later that evening, we headed out to Fletcher’s 2 month well child visit at his pediatrician’s office. We made guesses on his weight before we headed into the appointment and we were surprised to find that both of us were WAY off! Little dude is now 10.22 pounds — he’s come a long way since his itty bitty days of being 6 pounds!

Once his appointment wrapped up, we headed to one of my favorite restaurants for dinner and then called it a night! Fletcher was a little angel and slept through the entire dinner — I think his doctor’s visit wore him out!


The next day was even warmer, so that afternoon, Fletcher and I headed out for his first walk in the stroller. A few of our neighbors were out so he got to meet them as we headed down our street as well! He loved his time in the stroller and took a long nap during our hour-long walk through the park and neighborhoods.


Later that evening, I did a quick 2-mile run on my treadmill while Andy watched some of the basketball games — I felt like I got a second wind at 7:30pm so I decided to take advantage of it. Afterwards, we both split a cupcake that my sister and niece dropped off for my birthday earlier in the week.


On Saturday, I ran to the mall in the morning to grab a few things including a gift for a friend — the mall was basically empty due to the gorgeous day outside so I was in and out super quick!


Upon arriving home, we headed out for our first family walk which was so refreshing since it was over 50 degrees with clear skies.

IMG_5213 (1).jpg

Andy hit the gym afterwards and I went back and forth on whether or not I wanted to go to the gym or take a nap but ultimately decided to get a workout in. I ended up having a great “push” workout (shoulders + chest + triceps) and was glad that I made myself go even though I wasn’t feeling it in the beginning. I made some lemon raspberry bars once I got home since we had plans to have visitors on Sunday and then went to bed!

Favorite froyo toppings? 

Favorite spring activity?